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What women want men to know about menses

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There are many misconceptions about menses. These come about because a woman’s period is a taboo that is not spoken about even behind closed doors. This can even cause problems between couples especially when a woman’s partner notices changes in her behaviour which he can’t understand.

Here are some things that women wish men would know about their menses in the hope that it would make those two to seven days more manageable for both partners.

1. All women do not have the same period

A woman’s cycle is unique to her. The length of her cycle, symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and their severity, the number of days she bleeds, how heavily she bleeds are all unique.

2. During her period, a woman is at her most fragile

Society has made having a period feel shameful so a woman feels the need to hide what she is going through. Add PMS to this and chances of her feeling bad about herself during this period are very high.

To make it easier on your partner, acknowledge her discomfort even if you might also be uncomfortable, pamper her, avoid mocking her about ‘time of the month’, ask if you can get her anything to ease her discomfort, and generally just be nice.

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3. PMS is real

The symptoms associated with PMS are hormonal and can’t be controlled. Mood swings, cravings, tender breasts, cramps, backache, constant tiredness, irregular sleeping patterns among others are part and parcel of a woman’s cycle.

4. A woman can still get pregnant while on her period

The fertility of a woman is dependent on when she ovulates. She can get pregnant if she has unprotected sex three days before and after her ovulation date.

If her period is irregular and she ovulates just a few days after her period, she can get pregnant.

5. Her body will change

Some women will have physical changes like breakouts and severe bloating. This is normal and she will go back to her usual self in a day or two after her period starts.

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