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Your breakfast smoothie could be the reason you’re not losing any weight

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Smoothies can be a healthy addition to your diet as they are nutrient-dense and packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals.

However, they can also pack a punch in calories, sugar, fat and carbs, impacting our weight and health.

Below are a few tips to reduce the caloric content of your smoothie:

· Use water or coconut water as a mixer instead of fruit juice, milk or yoghurt.

· Make all your smoothies green by adding dark green leafy vegetables. Using a vegetable to fruit ratio of roughly 70:30 drastically reduces the amount of sugar in your smoothie.

· Avoid added sweeteners like honey or agave. They may have added benefits but they also drive up the calories.

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· It is tempting to throw in everything but the kitchen sink but watch your portion sizes and if need be split your smoothie over a couple of meals.

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