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Five things to remember when you are single

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Society has made it almost taboo for women to be single. Questions like when are you getting married or when are you bringing us a grandchild are so prevalent that some women wish they could avoid family functions as a whole.

Being single can be a very productive time. Here are five things you should remember when you are single.

1. It’s just a season of being single, not your whole life

Just because you’re single now doesn’t mean that you will be single for the rest of your life. It’s a temporary situation (unless you decide otherwise) that will change in due time.

2. Enjoy the freedom to live your life

This is the time when you’re answerable to yourself. Take advantage of the freedom to grow your career and pursue your hobbies.

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It’s also the perfect opportunity to practice self-love.

3. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve

Desperation can drive you to date unsuitable people all in the name of having a boyfriend. Remember that you deserve someone who appreciates you and treats you right. Take your time in choosing the right person.

4. Avoid exes and past dates

Loneliness is inevitable when you’re single. This doesn’t mean that you call up your exes or people you went out with in the past. Delete their numbers if you haven’t yet and unfollow them on social media. Seeing your ex’s new partner will only add to the loneliness. Focus on your journey instead.

5. Reconnect with friends and family

When you’ve tried and failed to find a partner, you might begin to question yourself, your self-worth and how lovable you are. Spending time with people who love you will remind you that you are lovable and that there are many people who care about you.

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