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How to create that balanced life for happiness and peace of mind


You will agree with me that everyone has the desire to live a balanced life. For mothers and wives, it is a little different, factoring in the myriad of things that are continually making up their to-do list, even before we leave bed every morning. Irrespective of how hard we are pulled, we must find a way of lining up our daily actions and priorities. The 24 hours we get everyday more often than not is hardly enough to get it all done. There are these moments when things are stressful, you are enduring a hard time, and all you crave is a balance. Whenever you are faced with choices, like on every typical morning when you wake up, here are tips to living a balanced life- how to create that balanced life for happiness and your peace of mind

Understanding your priorities

To live a balanced life, you don’t have to put too much into your day-to-day life. Leading a balanced life is about knowing your priorities and ranking them according to importance and relevance. A step to living a balanced life thus will start with eliminating the things that are not a priority. An excellent place to start is to remove all the additional tasks in your life that are doing nothing but keeping you too busy yet not helping you maintain that balance. You have to learn to say no to the things that are not a priority.

Coming up with a rank of your priorities will go a long way in helping you come up with a balance. It will also give you the privilege of getting to say no to the things that are not in sync with your goals.

Looking after yourself

Quite often, wives and mothers tend to neglect taking care of themselves the way they ought to. Taking good care of yourself does not require a lot of extremes; enough sleep, healthy eating, exercise and doing something you love are all essential ways of caring for you.

Being open to the unexpected

When everything starts to seem imperfect, then it is your expectation that is probably too high. You cannot live a happy life when you have unrealistic expectations as that would only mean you have to deal with disappointments from time to time. Allowing yourself to embrace imperfection gives you and those around you grace. Look, your family members will always have those grumpy days; people will disappoint you even when they don’t mean to; laundry will still pile up, remember, a single moment does not equal a bad day or a bad life. Embracing imperfection and choosing happiness will make you feel balanced.

Constantly having a positive attitude

It is pretty easy to find yourself falling into a pattern of negative thoughts, cranky attitudes, and complains. Like any other habit, being grateful and having a positive attitude requires practice. How do you move to a positive attitude? Simple, get more aware of your thought patterns! You have to redirect any thoughts that consume you negatively and concentrate more on the positives.

Planning your day

You cannot have a balanced life when you are always tackling your days without a plan. This is why the day ends, and you start wondering where the time went, it’s the end of the year, and you realize you have not accomplished the goals you wanted to achieve.

Writing down all the details including your meals, chores, appointments, to-do list sees to it that you free your mind so that you can focus on the moment and even create a more balanced life.

Finding time for what you love

One of the primary keys to having a more balanced life is permitting yourself to do those things that add a little bit of fun and joy to your life. Permit yourself every day to laugh and to do those things that make you happy. Doing this will help you feel less stressed. Identify and pursue the things that bring you joy. Well, you might not be able to resign from a job you hate or earn enough income, but you can work towards making positive changes and permitting yourself to enjoy life a little more.

Living a balanced life is all about making time for the things that matter to you. They way, you ensure that areas of your life like relationships, work, and home all have their places and you don’t have to comprise on any to be able to accommodate the another.

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