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How to creatively furnish a small living area

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Do you sometimes look at your space and wonder if it is possible to live in it without overcrowding it? A small living room requires regular checks and updates or it gets overwhelmed with clutter. However, you can live happily in a small room. Here are a few cool hacks on how to achieve a clutter-free and stylish living room.

Furniture on wheels

Get furniture that rests on wheels or casters as they are commonly called. This will allow you to move the pieces around whenever you need to and a plus is you can interchange furniture between your rooms. Your end tables can occasionally move to the bedroom or bed area as nightstands.

Table that stores

Get a coffee table with storage to keep away all your extra linen, drapery and books. You can get a wooden table with drawers or an upholstered ottoman table with overhead storage.

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Collapsible furniture

In a small living area, a regular-sized dining table can eat up the entire room. Get a table that collapses and expands on command. Collapse your table on days when you do not need a bigger dining surface.

Trunk tables

Swap a table for an old-style treasure trunk. Trunks allow you to store all your clutter without the hectic process of organising them.

Double duty

Furniture that can do overtime is key in a small space. For instance, your console table can be your study desk and your hidden shoe rack all at once. Purpose to provide your space with practical solutions before you buy your furniture. A daybed that allows for seating during the day and transforms into a bed at night is also a plus for a small space.

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