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Paint the town red: How to rock red this festive season

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Colour trends are always changing, but one colour that dominates during the festive season is red. The colour red is one of the boldest and most exciting hues to wear, which explains its unwavering popularity all year round. This season, shower your loved ones in red with these inspired looks.


1. Hat: Thrifted

Neckpiece: Shiko Onyango

Dress: Pinkie Fashion

Corset belt: Jamil Walji

Shoes: Instyle Kenya

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2. Earrings: Maridadi Couture

Dress: Pinkie Fashion

 3. Headpiece: House of Leather

Jacket: Monoxrome

Vest pack: Alvo’s Closet

Jumpsuit: Kenyan Slayers

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Shoes: Instyle Kenya

4. Crown: Kris Kossie

Choker: Epica Jewellery

Kimono dress: Thrifted

Boots: Stylist’s own

5. Denim Jacket: Alvo’s Closet

Dungaree Dresses: Kenyan Slayers

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kuyoh Photography; Instagram: @kuyohphotography

ASSISTANT STYLIST:  Judy Ross; Instgram: @dee_rozz_

MAKEUP ARTIST: Mokeira Oyaro; Instagram: @mokeira_oyaro

AGENCY: Velour Modelling Agency; Instagram: @Velour Models

MODEL: Zitah Jepkemboi; Instagram: @Its_jepkemboi


1. Kenyan Slayers: Instagram: @kenyanslayers; Tel: +254 723 235889

2. Alvo’s Closet: Discount Mall, Nairobi West, Nairobi; Tel: +254 721 420651

3. Instyle Shoes: Web:; Tel: +254 721 396216

4. Jamil Walji Couture: Instagram:@jamil_walji; Web:

5. Pinkie Fashion Kenya: Instagram: @pinkiefashionke; Tel: +254 796 572995

6. Monoxrome: Instagram: @monoxrome; Tel: +254 706 355958

7. Maridadi Couture: Instagram: @Maridadi couture; Tel: +254 721 515900

8. Epica Jewellery: Instagram: @epicajewellery; Tel: +254 711 722632

9. Kris Kossie: Instagram: @Kris.kossie; Tel: +254 735 942085

10. Shiko Onyango: Instagram: @Shikoonyango; Tel: +254 717 378847


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