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Men talk: Hilarious ways women pretend they’ve moved on after a break up

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Breakups are inevitable. Sometimes you may feel like everything is falling apart after you break up with someone you love. In fact, it is pretty much okay to say that breakups suck a lot. They hurt. But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome them! If you focus and accept that a relationship has died, then you will be at a better position to move past the break up.

But there are a times that you just cannot move past it. Everything seems to be falling apart and if not, you are trying hard to hide that fact. Here are ways women pretend they’re over their bae after a breakup;

1. The silent treatment

Women can go quiet on you but deep down they are actually dying just for not talking to you. They pretend that blue-ticking you isn’t hurting them while they only wish they can text right back when they read your text. This habit might continue for a while.

2. You are blocked!

After the blue-ticks, you might actually get a block. After a breakup, women definitely never want to accept that it is over. In most cases, a lady will break up with you once she gets wind that you are about to walk away. All this is just to soothe their ego and if it means blocking you, they definitely wouldn’t think twice.

3. Stalker mode activated

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This is the clearest hint that she is not yet over the relationship. She will stalk you on all social media clearly monitoring your online footprints. In worst case scenarios, she might even open a pseudo account and chat you up!

4. Post their dates on social media for you to see

You remember that guy you never liked her to hang around with? Immediately after the break up she will go on numerous dates with him and publish their ‘happy’ moments on social media for you to see. They do it so that you can see them wining and dining with other men, and hopefully get jealous.

5. They start looking sexier

Definitely they want you to see them winning and therefore, they start dressing up, wearing more makeup, being extra. They make sure they post it on social media so you can drool ‘and regret what you lost’. This somehow, works.

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