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Mum asks for advice on husband's "strange reaction" to baby daughter seeing him naked

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A mum has turned to the internet for advice after her husband 'freaked out' when their baby daughter saw him naked.

Posting in the 'am I being unreasonable' section of parenting forum Mumsnet, she explained how her husband had panicked when their baby girl walked into the bathroom.

She initially thought he was just shocked she was behind him and worried about stepping on her, but then realised the dad felt very uncomfortable about the whole situation.

She wrote: "My baby has just started walking and is running about already.

"So today they ran into the bathroom whilst my husband was out the shower drying off and towelling his hair.

"He freaked out and told me to take her away. Initially I thought it was because she had scared him (ie. Not realising she was there nearly stepping on her ) by (sic) turns out it was purely because he was naked.

"I laughed this off explaining she had seen me naked plenty (hell I'm still breast-feeding) but he got very serious and doesn't feel comfortable about it.

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"[Am I being unreasonable] to think this is strange? And trying to get him comfortable considering she might do this lots in the years to come?"

Other mums sided with her, saying his reaction was "ridiculous" and "irrational".

One suggested: "Worth having a conversation about in a very respectful and light hearted way to find out exactly what the problem is, if he can tell you.

"If not, I guess it doesn't cause any harm."

Another said: "Sorry but he is being very ridiculous she us a baby not a 16yr old."

Some stuck up for him, with one saying: "He's not being ridiculous! If he's not comfortable with being naked around his child, that's his choice and preference. You can feel and act differently."

Another replied: "There's no right or wrong in this. Your DH feels how he feels and if he doesn't want the kids to see him naked, then that's his choice.

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"He needs to get a lock for the door though."

What advice would you give to the mum? Let us know in the comments

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