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Six interesting ways to keep your kids busy this holiday

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Schools are closed and we have you are going to have your kids around for around two months. This is such a long time particularly if you run off things for them to do. The first few days might be easy as both you and the kids enjoy catching up. After this, you might want to get some of your time alone for work or other reasons and that will leave them with nothing to do.

Here is a list of things you can introduce your kids to, for an activity filled holiday;

1. Indoor activities

From games to reading children books, you can keep your kids in the house this holiday and encourage them to learn new skills. You can get them new play things like painting sets, drawing books and new creative toys. For older kids, encourage them to build their intellect by playing crossword puzzles or larger games in the computer.

2. Camping

The December holiday in Kenya is loaded with many offers for your kids to join like camps. Mostly offered by churches, these camps away from home bud your kids character and helps them mingle with others away from the school setting. It also helps them figure their way outdoors as they face normal day challenges during camping sessions.

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3. Visit upcountry

This has always been a culture we are eager to belittle. What you don’t know is that sending your kids upcountry to stay with their grandparents could be a learning experience for them. Ask your parents if they mind having them over and let your kids experience what life away from the town hustle looks like. Here they can learn skills in the farm like looking after cattle and so forth.

4. Swimming

Luckily for our country, Decembers are usually sunny months that allows your kids to go for that dip without the fear of catching colds. Find a close and kid friendly swimming pool and register them for the holiday, ensuring there us a lifeguard on watch all day. This way they can pop in anytime during the day and practice the important sport while keeping fit.

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5. Take a family holiday

If you get time off your work, taking your kids on a holiday for a family get together is a brilliant idea. You can choose from the many options we have in the country, the coast, game lodges, and hotels or even outside the country. Such vacations allow all of you to bond while still experiencing the wonders of Mother Nature. After such a holiday trip, you will all be refreshed and ready to face the New Year.

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6. Gardening

Building a small garden patch next to your home is another fabulous idea to keep your kids occupied. To add to the fun, plant fast growing vegetables and spice sand allocate each kid their portion. This, apart from giving them skills, will teach them responsibility and positive competition. They will learn the process of bringing food to the table and have fun while doing it.

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