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Health: Why men should eat mushrooms

In Kenya, mushrooms are not a common meal. However, what most people do not know is that mushrooms have a unique taste and seemingly endless varieties. From being used as an ingredient in cooking to medicinal purposes. 

 Their meaty flavor and hearty texture is exactly what men want and what they need to stay lean and healthy. And, they’re virtually fat-free and low in calories and carbs.

 Benefits of mushrooms to men.

             A Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Mushrooms are perfect for losing weight since they are low in calories. For anyone who wants to lose weight, it is advisable that they replace meat with mushrooms.

Losing weight requires the intake of less fatty foods and more fibrous and nutritious foods coupled with regular exercise.

If you want to stay healthy while still having the privilege to eat burgers, try vegan burger with a mushroom patty. You’ll stay healthy and lose weight simultenously as they’re high in fiber and pack a powerful protein punch.

Mushrooms are fat free.

  1. Improves Your Sex Drive And Sexual Health

They are known for improving sexual health and sex drive as they contain enzymes that improve the function and the health of your sex organ. 

Its regular intake improves the production of healthy sperms and inhibit estrogen production 

Mushrooms are rich in zinc which helps maintain a healthy sex drive and promotes the production of testosterone.

  1. Prevents Prostate Cancer

They contain selenium which provides great support to the immune system and prevents the harm of cells which works in reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

They also possess anti-carcinogenic compound which helps prevent not only prostate cancer but cancer cells in general.

The nutrients acquired from mushrooms break down tumors and cancer cells with regular consumption. Men who regularly eat mushrooms are not likely to get prostate cancer.

  1. Improves Overall Brain Function

Study shows that the copper present in mushrooms helps in the absorption of various minerals that are good for the brain.

Potassium has a big role in maintaining brain health as it helps in improving memory. Regular blood flow to the brain keeps the brain healthy and functioning properly.

Its intake helps in cognitive function and reduces the risk of having Alzheimer’s in the future which is common in old age.

  1. Reduce Cholesterol Levels and Blood Pressure

Men are most likely to have high cholestrol and blood pressure which is why eating mushrooms is beneficial to them.

They contain potassium which help remove excess salt from the body, which is important for keeping your blood pressure under control.

Mushrooms are very low in sodium, so they decrease the risk of hypertension associated with high intake of salt.

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