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How to achieve a cosy African theme in your house

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The African theme does not appear under interior design themes. However, it is among the most exotic styles. When executed well, the African theme results in a warm cosy space. Today, we show you how to get this theme just right.

Earthy palettes

Africa is about the earth and all the elements of humanity. Pick a palette that is earthy, yet soothing.

Colours to consider working with are neutrals, tans, taupes, deep reds, terracotta, sienna and brick red or orange. 

Wood look

Wood is an important element in African theme. Wood adds warmth to the African theme. Use wood in any stain from mahogany, walnut or oak. In the absence of wooden furniture, incorporate a wood look tiles and other wooden accessories. 

Tribal prints

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Stamp your heritage in your space with tribal prints and patterns. Fabric like kente, khanga, kitenge and kikoy add character to an African themed space. Across the borders, the continent is rich in other types of traditional fabric like the kuba cloth from Congo and many more.

Accent furniture, accessories and art made from African print are the easiest way to introduce the style to your space.

Animal prints

The animal print is elemental in African themes. When used in moderation, it can add some safari glam to a room without overpowering the said room. Throw an animal print sectional rug in a modern space to infuse the African feel.

Tasteful collection

Decorate your spaces with a collection of accessories including masks, drums, sculptures, gourds, vases and figurines that originate from Africa. Do not go overboard to avoid creating a museum of natural history.

The African theme works well with other themes. Fusing modern, industrial and contemporary theme with a touch of African elements will give your space a more livable look.

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