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Bahati and Diana attacked for piercing their daughter’s ears

Bahati and Diana

Gospel singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have come under fire after the award winning singer posted a video of their daughter, Heaven getting her ears pierced. In the video, Diana is seen holding Heaven down to get her piercing.  Eight month old Heaven Bahati is seen to be crying through the entire process.

Bahati posted the video and captioned it:

Why does your mum have to take you through all this my poor baby? she's telling me you look prettier than ever so sorry my baby, daddy's coming to hold you  @HeavenBahati @diana_marua

The post elicited reactions instantly from the singer’s followers. When some applauded this move, a majority of the followers bashed the singer for subjecting the little girl to unnecessary pain with most being of the opinion that the Bahati’s ought to have waited until Heaven was old enough to decide whether she needed the piercing or not.  Some comments read:

ann_lucy_mwangi_daddys_gal:I ave just done it am 18,,, though there is pain no need to do it to small kids,,,, i decided this for myself

j.muks: This is so thoughts::: let the baby grow and decide for themselves.

Marthaswagi: Nonsense seek wise counsel.... When she's grown n hates piercing.. What will u do?

la.urel55: Eish you could have let the baby decide when she grows up..

brigitalvara: Seriously Baha I felt that pain too kwanza seeing her crying..Marua is strong coz Mimi ningerudi na yeye akiwa na earing moja

A segment of the netizens also felt it was wrong for the couple to post their personal life on social media:

Lillybethmo: @diana_marua I personally have no issues with you but for me I think it's not right to keep exposing your daughter to social media all the time. There's a lot of evil in media please keep your cute daughter out off harm.ts my humble request.

Mochengodegwan: Lazima tujue hadi mkitoboa watoto masikio!!! Sasa record Dee akioga utupostie


What are your thoughts on piercing a baby’s ears?

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