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Evaline Momanyi and Grace Msalame’s relationship is a goal for women in blended families

Evaline with her husband Paul [Courtesy]

Evaline Momanyi, wife to Grace Msalame’s baby daddy, has defended her relationship with the media girl briefly describing it as fantastic.

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Eva was responding to a question by one of her followers who asked her about her relationship with the mother of her husband’s first twins, Raha and Zawadi. She simply echoed her previous comments on the Msalame topic by maintaining that their relationship is cordial.

Evaline [Courtesy]

Sometime back, Eva was pushed to comment on being in a blended family explaining that it is respect, love and a lot of communication around all the parties involved that makes the best of blended families.

She is married to Paul Ndichu, the father to Grace Msalame’s twin daughters Raha and Zawadi who they co-parent.

Paul with his daughter Raha and Zawadi

The liking between Msalame and Momanyi is mutual as Msalame has also never shied from showing her happiness for Momanyi’s marriage.

Grace Msalame [Courtesy]

During the wedding of Evaline and Paul, Msalame surprised many as she congratulated the bride saying that she looked divine on her wedding day.

Msalame with her daughters [Courtesy]


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