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'Should I break up or should I hold on?' If this question has ever come to your mind read this!

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Making the decision of breaking up with a partner is not always easy. It is also normal being indecisive about breaking up or holding on to a relationship.  When you can’t really figure out where the problem is if a relationship is not working anymore, you may need to look into some things:

1.            You constantly lose your temper while talking to your partner

Break up: if your partner is always spoiling for fights and arguments and doesn’t consider finding solutions to your relationship problems. Also when you are willing to talk things out and they are not.

Don’t break up: If your anger  isn’t a result of your relationship. Take sometime and think through to find out where the pressure could be coming from. You could be taking it out on your partner who has nothing to do with it.

2.            Your prefer going out with friends than with your partner

Break up: If you  find yourself avoiding your partner and do not crave for time together anymore. This could mean you are  tired and not willing to fix your relationship problems.

Don’t break up: If it just means you miss your friends. When you start dating it is normal to prioritize the relationship but once settled, you may miss your pals and crave for some personal space. if that happens, be open and talk to your partner about it.

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3.            You keep waiting for your partner to change

Break up: if you want your partner to drastically change as a person. It takes a huge effort to wait for someone to change entirely. If you are not willing to love your partner the way they are,it is time to move on.

Don’t break up: the change you are waiting for is situational. External changes like waiting for your partner getting a job in the same city as you, realistic changes that are able to wait for.

4.            You are fighting too much

Break up: if you keep quiet because you want to avoid fights, you feel alone after an argument or you insult and lose respect for each other harshly is very difficult to keep a healthy relationship.

Don’t break up: it is normal having arguments and disagreements, the perfect relationship doesn’t exist, but you have to feel respected after all.

5.            You rarely want to sleep with your partner

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Break up: if you don’t enjoy sex with your partner and you feel no pleasure and satisfaction whatsoever, something must be off in the relationship.

Don’t break up: If you enjoy being physically close to your partner though not sexuall, It could be a result of stress and fatigue from external responsibilities. Sex takes a lot of emotional and physical energy.

6.            You feel stuck in the relationship

Break up: you do a lot of things together but you just have that unsatisfied feeling all the time. Also if you find yourself  thinking how good your life would be without your partner.

Don’t break up: It might just be that you are stuck in a routine. Talk to your partner about changing a few things so that you can bring back the spark in your lovelife.

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