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Should couples travel with marriage certificate? Women Rep, hubby denied admission without proof of marriage

Laikipia Women Rep Catherine Waruguru during her press conference at the hotel

Laikipia County Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru and her husband were over the weekend denied entry into a Kericho hotel after they failed to produce their marriage certificate.

Happily in a polygamous marriage as a second wife, the Woman Rep’s attempts to get admission at the hotel bore no fruit.

The legislator held a press conference at the same premise highlighting her ordeal terming it ‘embarrassing to a leader.’

“As a leader I feel that I have been embarrassed and kept here for more than an hour trying to seek the attention of the manager and no one has answered my question,” she opined.

Hon Waruguru [Courtesy]

With the hotel yet to respond to her, she has threatened to take action against the management for embarrassing her.

Hon Waruguru had visited her in-laws in Kericho with her husband and had planned to spend the night in the town.

Hon Waruguru [Courtesy]

The incident followed the strict measures laid by the hotel owner that the hotel will not admit couples without original copy of their marriage certificate as well as not serving alcohol to customers.

Speaking to a local press, the owner was quoted: “Some managers even threatened to quit, saying the rules denied the hotel more clients, but I stood my ground. I said I would rather lose them than cave in to spoil family morals that my dad warned me against.”

The hotel is arguably one of the busiest in the area and in the past have hosted former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Deputy President William Ruto and even President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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