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This is why you could be exhausted even after resting enough during the night

You go to bed early and still don’t understand how you are not energized and refreshed in the morning. It doesn’t make sense how after eight hours of sleep you are still tired. In most cases, you will discover there are things you do before bedtime or during bedtime that sabotage your rest. That said, it could also be due to a bad mattress, improper ventilation, and lighting or phone use before bed. Here are five possible reasons why you are still tired after a proper night of sleep.

  • You go to bed at different times

You should train your body to sleep and wake up at a certain time every day. If this doesn’t happen on routine, your body has to keep on readjusting leading to sleep delays when you are in bed and extended blinks when you should wake up.

  • Drinking before bed

There is the notion that drinking before bed makes you relaxed then helps you pass out and drift to sleep. Too bad it will be a restless sleep. The chemicals in alcohol disrupt your sleep cycle preventing you from entering deep sleep.

  • Eating right before bed

Take a step away from food two or three hours before nap time. Your body needs time to digest food and even a small amount of it will activate your body. Ensure you eat well so your sleep is not interrupted by hunger pangs.

  • Sleep apnea

This is a disorder defined as breathing interrupted by intervals of ten seconds or more often signaled with loud snoring. Due to sleep interruption, you will keep waking up and falling asleep. Usually, the person has no idea it’s happening. They just end up feeling sleepy the next day.

  • Working out before bed

A good habit, it may not be beneficial two or three hours before bedtime. Exercise raises your body temperature making it harder to fall asleep. Your body also produces cortisol, the stress hormone and reduces melatonin secretion which can increase the time it takes to fall asleep.

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