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Here are some safe exercises for new mums

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If you had a healthy, active pregnancy and a vaginal delivery with no complications, it is generally safe to resume exercising a few weeks post delivery.

However, before embarking on any exercise regime, it is important to get the all-clear from your doctor.

1. Walking

Walking may not sound like much of a workout but it is the safest and gentlest way to ease back into exercising. Taking the baby out in a stroller for fresh air burns calories and boosts your mood, helping beat the baby blues.

2. Swimming

Swimming is an excellent low impact cardiovascular exercise that works your core. The resistance of the water helps safely strengthen your muscles.

3. Cycling

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Cycling is a fun way to get around while also burning calories. It can be an excellent way of bonding with other family members and is gentle on your joints. You can purchase padded seat covers for extra cover.

4. Bodyweight exercises          

Using your body weight for resistance training helps strengthen your muscles without putting too much pressure on your joints and ligaments, which can remain soft after delivery. Always work with a trained professional.

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