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Here are some qualities that a good boyfriend should have

You may have had every bad boyfriend under the sun. It sometimes seems like you have to go through all of the bad experiences to get the good ones. You’ve had boyfriends who lie, who cheat, who insult you and make you feel small. You know can be a good girlfriend and have a successful relationship with someone you like, but first, you have to be given an opportunity to find a new guy. Now, with the future facing you, you are looking for someone who meets a very specific checklist. Here are some of the things your boyfriend should give you for your relationship to thrive:

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Get a boyfriend who supports your dreams

 Don’t waste your time dating people who don’t even attempt to understand or care about  what your ambitions are. You have always dreamed of being a writer, and every partner you’ve had so far has either turned their nose up at you, or has taken no interest when you talk about it. It doesn’t help matters when you’re always willing to support them, and you don’t get anything back. Never compromise when it comes to your dreams – if someone doesn’t want to know, make it your goal not to want to know them either.

  A boyfriend who texts back within good time

There have been so many nights where I’ve waited for hours to hear from my partner, half expecting them to send a text any minute. I don’t like to be kept waiting, and yet I spend hours looking at my watch and waiting for a call. They could easily be out with other girls. I’ve learned since that people don’t always ‘forget’ to respond – they just seemingly have something better to do. If someone can’t find the time to text you back, don’t bother replying to them again. They’re not worth your time.

Find a boyfriend who makes time for you

If they keep cancelling plans on you, or abandon you in favour of going out with your friends, then you’re clearly not a priority to them. They pass your quizzes with the blink of an eye, constantly lying to you so they can get out of seeing you. You need a boyfriend who understands that time is precious with your partner, and shouldn’t be shoved aside for a ‘better’ offer. The time should also be of good quality. Find someone who will go to fun places with you, or take you to your favorite restaurant for no occasion at all. Only then will you know you’ve found someone who suits you.

A good boyfriend appreciates you

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If you crack a good joke, he should laugh. If you cook him dinner, he should thank you. And if you travel half way across the country to see him, he should be grateful for your dedication. If you tag him in online quizzes, he should respond as a friend would – with appreciation and the knowledge that you were thinking of him. It’s not about getting praise for everything, but rather just knowing he doesn’t take you for granted. You need a boyfriend who loves you as you are.

Your boyfriend must be committed

There’s no room for anyone else in my life, and I don’t want them to have some other person on the side. If I don’t fill the space in their lives, then they can be with someone else – just not at the same time. And I need a boyfriend who wants to be with me and only me, and preferably with the intent of being together long term.

A good boyfriend should make you laugh

I won’t compromise on this one. I’m sick of going on boring dates with people with no sense of humour. If they can’t make me laugh once in a while, what’s the point? I don’t care whether they make puns, jokes or witty one liners – so long as they’re good. I can’t help but be attracted to someone funny, so it’s a priority for me now when I’m looking for someone to settle down with. Is that awkward of me? Probably. Do I care? Nope!


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