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What to wear to your Christmas party this year

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The hunt for the perfect party frock can take up lots of valuable time, which most of us don't have at this busy time of year, while we're busy hunting for presents, ordering turkeys and sorting out the table seating, so aunt Lynne doesn't sit next to cousin Mabel...

So we've scoured the high street and rounded up our favourite dresses, leaving you time to focus on Christmas shopping and tracking down the perfect mince pie.

It's time to get dressed up with more than somewhere to go, so get your sparkle on with these pretty things.

Luscious lace

The delicate detailing will make a strong impact


Jewel colours

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Shine bright like a ruby, emerald, topaz, any gem you like.


Luxuriously adorned to make you look adorable.

Lady in red

The best time of year to be a scarlet woman.

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Va-va-voom velvet

Strokably soft, sexy and opulent. And that's how you'll look.


Be in your element with ore-inspiring metal frocks.

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