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The biggest giveaway that a woman is cheating

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Women who fake orgasms are more likely to cheat on their partners, according to a new study.

So if you're a woman, and you find yourself making your other half think they're better than they are in the bedroom, an affair might be on the cards. Unless you're already having one.

Research published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that women who regularly fake orgasms are less faithful.

The survey studied 138 women and 121 men in heterosexual relationships. Scientists asked them about climaxing and cheating.

"The intensity and frequency of orgasms in women had little bearing on cheating.

There wasn't really a correlation."

But, according to the research, there's a clear connection between the number of times a woman faked a strong ending with playing away on other occasions.

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Apparently, the more orgasms a woman fakes, the more likely she is to visit Burger King when she told her lover she's off to McDonald's.

Sex expert Dr Tammy Nelson revealed that more women have faked it than not – with a staggering 80 per cent admitting to have done it.

Women who regularly fake probably feel unsatisfied by sex, but, unable to communicate their feelings perhaps, look for alternative ways of attaining pleasure. So that sort of explains it.

Dr Nelson added: “Most women need direct clitoral stimulation for anywhere from seven to 45 minutes, and unless she gives you hints like sighs and moans, you won’t know if you’re even in the ballpark.”

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