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A man in the boardroom is not worth two in the bedroom

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Money is hardly the end-all and be-all of happiness. If you are of the opinion that one good man in the boardroom is worth two in the bedroom, you really need to consider what it really means to date a successful man. Do you fully comprehend all the ups and downs of entering a relationship for money?

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A good number of women yearn for lavish lifestyles with well-to-do gentlemen, but then again crave for the same men to be at their beck and call at all times. In actuality, this is damn near impossible. These women don’t take into account the sheer hard work and time it will cost the man to be capable to provide the plush lifestyle.

The fancy title and fat cheque comes with a tonne of responsibilities. You can either have a typical chap who will be a permanent fixture on your couch, or a well-heeled bloke who is almost always away on some business trip.

The money you are angling for will not miraculously fall on his laps while he is lounging around in the house. If you want to be rolling in it, be set to resign yourself to a life of glaring loneliness.

If you are hankering for a relationship with an established or up-and-coming man, brace yourself for some cold, gloomy nights ahead. He will have to work for all hours under the sun to provide for you everything that your little heart desires.

 It is not uncommon for business moguls to be away from home for weeks on end. Even when he is around, he will probably be preoccupied with work related phone calls and such kind of things. That is just something you will have to come to terms with. It was your choice; you are not allowed to groan and moan about it.

Take heed before you throw a tantrum because your man is constantly absent. Do not grumble if he has business engagements during birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Successful men are constantly worried about keeping and increasing their wealth so it goes without saying that you will always be an afterthought to him.

A few months into the relationship and you will be secretly wishing he could ditch his demanding career and focus all his attention on you.

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What is the point of being in a relationship if you are sleeping alone, eating alone and attending functions alone and have no one to talk to when you are feeling down in the dumps?

Money can buy you a king-size bed, but it won’t be much comfort when you are always rolling on it alone most nights.

You will have your dream house, but you will be stuck there all day and night knowing very well that there is no one coming in to keep you company. So, what is it going to be ladies; a an absentee CEO or a doting average man?

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