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He insists on knowing my sex history, do I reveal?

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Hi Roxanne,

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I have been seeing my boyfriend for a while now and things are going great. However, he recently asked me how many guys I have slept with. Of course, I avoided that conversation because I feel embarrassed that my number is a bit on the higher side and he might see me differently. He is the  conservative type and I don’t know how he may react. Should I tell him the truth if he insists? Helen

Hi Helen,

Your sexual history is none of his business, unless he doubles as your gynecologist. When it comes to promiscuity, double standards prevail and honey, you will be judged; harshly!

So, even bringing up this conversation would be patently foolish. Given your description, your answer will give rise to more questions and things are bound to get really uncomfortable really fast. And for what?

Your sexual history is not relevant in your current relationship and it certainly does not define who you are presently.

Furthermore, you have nothing to be ashamed of. So you have had a bit of an electrifying sex life. No big deal. As long as you were of legal age and the sex was consensual and protected, then more power to you sister.

It’s no longer a taboo for women to seek sexual pleasure. You shouldn’t be nailed on a stake just because you have had a bit more one-night stands and short flings than most.

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If he is worried about the possibility of contracting an STI, it’s possible to just go and get tested without delving into the dicey topic.

So stick to your guns. Don’t go divulging anything that might cause unnecessary strain in your relationship.



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