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How to find a work-life balance over the holidays

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When I look at my calendar for the next two months the one thought I have on my mind is 'how am I going to schedule all the events, travel, get-togethers and family obligations into what's left of the year?

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This builds into monumental proportions until I feel as if I am spiralling out of control. And we are not even halfway into the festive season. So instead of looking forward to some down time, reconnecting with family and friends and enjoying upcoming travel, we start to dread our full to-do lists.

And then in January, we resume our lives with wistfulness and a longing for 'just two more days' to wish away the fatigue.

So this year, I am choosing some tried and tested tactics to see me through the holiday season not only in survival mode but well rested and well adjusted.

Do not over-schedule

We have a tendency to say yes to everything during the holiday season, ending up overbooked and frazzled. Unless you need to accommodate someone with whom you are only in the same physical space with once a year, during the holidays, why not plan for the next year?

Trying to commit to five events every single weekend is not only bad for your sanity, but it prevents you from truly enjoying either one of them because you are already thinking of the next place you have to get to.

Balance is key and is worth fighting for, you will thank your calendar when the festive season is over and you are well rested as opposed to frazzled.

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Swap favors

One of the things I discovered last year was whether you have one or three children in the house, the difference is minimal. So now a couple of us with children around the same age get together and map out our calendars. Each of us agrees to take all the kids for a week.

It gives you some down time and the domestic help a break. However, you must ensure that who you decide to do this with has the same parenting style and family values as you.


If you have a workout regimen or healthy lifestyle, do not neglect it just because you now have a socially packed calendar. Continue to take as good care of yourself as you did before the holidays.


- As much as you can avoid it, do not over-schedule your social calendar.

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- Continue to take as good care of your body as you do before the holiday season.

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