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Signs you need to get active

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Weight loss is not all about waiting until you realize that your favourite jeans or dress no longer fits, having that perfect body for that big day, when your doctor tells you to lose weight or shedding some kilos becomes your only option.

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While the above reasons are good examples why you have to do the necessary, there are also other indicators that show why you may need to lose some weight. May be you have noticed them already.

Bumpy spots in specific parts of your body. This is especially around your thighs, upper arm, neck and tummy. If you suddenly notice all these, it’s a clear sign that these inflammations are fatty tissue beneath your soft skin.

They may be soft and tender to touch sometimes but not good to look at. One of the best solutions to go about it is to eat right; meaning cutting down on sugar and fat intake, introducing more greens, fruits, water and exercising regularly.

 If you are finding it too hard to go to the gym for proper workout sessions, an easy activity like regular walk is a step forward. You shouldn’t have an excuse not to walk be it to work, to the grocery store or anywhere you can access without a car.

Also take up easy activities like dancing, swimming, nature walks because as you have fun, you also workout. With consistency, all these will eventually improve your wellbeing and reverse back your skin tone.

Feeling fatigued most of the time. Sudden increase in weight, however small, can make you feel weak and tired. That is why regular routines like normal house chores, climbing stairs and even walking suddenly feels exhausting. This feeling is caused by increase of excess body fat and elevated (BMI) Body Mass Index and is a clear indicator that you need to cut down.

Lack of sleep and snoring too often. If you suddenly realize your normal sleeping pattern is disrupted by irregular breathing sometime making you snore a lot, chances are you may be suffering from a condition called sleep apnea.

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This is a condition brought by excessive weight and fat is stored around the neck area narrowing the airway which eventually causes pauses in breathing or shallow breathing.

High blood pressure and cholesterol. These are health risk factors caused by weight gain that proper weight loss plan like regular exercise especially cardio workouts can bring down without opting for medication which otherwise is expensive. Regular exercise coupled with a healthy diet is an easy cheap substitute for drug bought over the counter.

Your joints start to ache and hurt more. When you put on weight, the excess weight exacts more pressure on joints especially hips, lower back and knees.

This extra pressure then erodes the tissue around these joints making them uncomfortable especially when on motion or when you are moving. It can be a sign that you need to shed off some weight to ease off pressure from these areas. Consult your physician first before you start any physical activity.

Changes in eating habits. If you notice you eat more than you are used to, chances are your metabolism might have gone up because of the weight you have already gained and your body is struggling to remain at its optimum.

It can also be a sign that you are eating wrong food and snacking too much is simply a way to replace what your body lacks. Over time, this behavior triggers health risk factors such as obesity and heart disease.

So next time you notice the above, don’t wait until you are incapacitated to take action, prevention is better that cure because your health is your wealth.

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