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8 signs you have been wearing the wrong bra


If you've ever looked in the mirror and wished for bigger boobs but don't want surgery then you may be in luck. Your breasts could be bigger than you think because an incredible 75 per cent of us wear the wrong size bra.

The most common mistake is wearing too big a back size or a cup size that's too small. According to high street undie experts Bravissimo, at least six out of 10 women who currently wear a C cup should actually be wearing at least a D!

The benefits of wearing the right sized bra are huge. Properly fitting underwear can mean uplifted breasts, improved posture, minimised back pain and a waist you never knew you had.

Sound good? Well, here's a simple guide to tell if your bra is the wrong size and what to do to get a better looking bust - and body!

The back band rides up

Then it's probably too big. The band across your back should sit horizontally.

Shoulder straps dig in

The underband (the bit which goes below your boobs) provides 80 per cent support, the shoulder straps just 20 per cent, so if they dig in, chances are the underband is too loose and the straps are doing most of the work.

Try loosening the straps to check they're not too tight. If it doesn't work, you need a smaller underband size.

The back band is overstretched

If the shoulder straps form a V on the back, then the back band may be overstretched and you may need a bigger size. But sometimes this is the design, so look for other clues, such as it marking the skin and/or digging in.

The front band pulls down

The underband or underwire should sit just under your breasts, flat against the chest wall. If it pulls down over the narrowest part of the ribcage, it could be too small and you may need a bigger band size.

The wire digs in

Look at the side of the cups. The breasts should be completely encased and the wire shouldn't dig into the flesh. If it does, you may be wearing the wrong cup size or the underband may be too tight, pulling the wire too close into the chest.

Double boobs

If the breasts bulge out of the top of your bra, the cup size is too small.

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The cups are baggy

Creasing is a sign the cup size is too big. But if gaping occurs where the cup meets the strap it could mean the bra finishes too high on the chest for you - try a differently shaped bra.

And remember...

Just because you were one size last year, it doesn't mean you're the same now.

Weight loss, a new exercise routine, having a baby, breastfeeding, oral contraceptives and HRT can change the shape and size of your bust - some women gain a whole cup size during their period. That is why it is important to be fitted at least once a year.

The best bra tips

New bras should fit on the loosest hook (back bands will stretch in the wash).

You wouldn't buy a pair of shoes without walking around in them so why should buying a bra be any different? Don't just stand there - stretch out and swing your arms, make sure it feels comfortable when you move.

Invest in a bra wardrobe - different outfits require different underwear.

Replace bras twice a year. Prolong their lives by hand-washing and avoid tumble-driers

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