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3 ways to put safety first when exercising


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Safety during exercise
Safety during exercise

It is important to know why you should protect yourself from injury every time you exercise.

When you push your body too much or don’t use correct form of exercise, there is a big chance that you might be introducing your body to unnecessary injuries.

This will eventually lead to months or years of trouble. You might  spend a lot of money getting rehabilitated before getting back on track.

Areas like the back, knees, shoulder and neck are the main hub for physical function which makes them vulnerable and, once injured, they take time to heal.

With a little bit of caution, if you follow these simple rules, you can protect yourself.

1. Listen to your body

Before committing to exercise, it is good to listen to your body. You can’t just start something with half driven resolve. Don’t just do something because others are doing it.

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There are red flags that tell your body that something is up. You need to be in tune and respond accordingly so that you don’t end up getting hurt in the process.

If running hurts your knees, why not walk instead. Don’t push it. If you feel lifting weights hurt your joints, why not try doing an alternative, something equally challenging that does not put stain or pressure on that hurting area. Don’t deceive yourself that by exercising more, you cut more. This might just be a remedy for disaster.

2. Get a go-ahead from an expert

Make sure that you are mechanically sound to start exercising. Ensure your system from cardiovascular system, muscles to joints are actually ready for exertion. Get an OK from either your physician or fitness expert to assess and assist you on what to work on and advise on how much your body needs to take as you progress. Even seasoned athletes get checked now and then so you are not an exception. Your safety is more important.

3. Make warm ups a priority

Since muscles sometime lack elasticity and are usually cold and tight before exercise, they are vulnerable to tearing, straining and pulling so a good warm up should always come first before any major workout. Doing this simple action will relax and prepare the muscles bringing it up into a range where it will be expected to perform fully and accordingly.

Missing warm ups creates a room for muscle related injuries so take simply light jogs, walk around briefly to warm up before that good intense run.

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Make sure your form is good as you work out.

Exercising using a bad technique can lead to pain or injuries. Some exercise like walking lunges, leg press, squat rowing, overhead shoulder press can hurt more over time if you are not performing them correctly. Seek advice from a fitness expert who can and will teach you the proper technique.

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If the above exercises are too strenuous, go with your gut feeling and try other activities like yoga, dancing or Pilates.

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