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20 top amazing tips on tricking your partner into losing weight


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Secret slimming  strategies for your partner
Secret slimming  strategies for your partner

Top 20 tactics for secretly slimming your partner

1. Using half fat/light mayonnaise

2. Suggesting you walk somewhere instead of going in the car

3. Using a slimming/low fat recipe

4. Offer to cook meals using healthy alternatives

5. Hiding treats in the house

6. More ‘sexercise'

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7. Offer to make them pack lunches whilst using healthy alternatives

8. Using meat substitutes without telling them it’s not real meat

9. Put skimmed milk in full fat milk containers

10. Booking an active holiday

11. Buy low calories drinks or alcohol

12. Sacking the cleaner

13. Buying them a gym membership/exercise classes

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14. Refusing to pick them up so they have to walk home

15. Move the bathroom scales to a more prominent position

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16. Rearrange their clothing so the tighter ones are easier to get to

17. Leaving magazines open on the table to highlight celebs with great figures

18. Use smaller plates to make food look bigger on plate

19. Use sweetener instead of sugar

20. Walk the dog / walk to work

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