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Kimaiyo's last tweet was for the rights of women.


Inspector General David Kimaiyo has resigned. This was made public through His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech recently.

His last tweet as an IG, touched on the abuse of women in the country and the responses he had received on it.

David Kimaiyo Verified account ‏@IGkimaiyo
However, all the officers responsible of handling defilement &FGM cases must do the utmost under whatever circumstances to do a thorough job

The female MPs from the National Assembly had given the former Inspector General of Police, David Kimaiyo, three days to arrest the  men who had stripped a woman in Nairobi.

“The stripping act is primitive and act of violence against women. We ask the IG to bring to book the perpetrators of stripping and issue a directive for the safety of women,” said Mbarire.

Cecily Mbarire is the Chairperson to the umbrella of the Kenya Women Parliamentarians (KEWOPA).

Nairobi Women Rep Rachael Shebesh said, “The act of stripping a woman for indecent dressing is a serious assault accompanied with trauma to the victim. I will table a motion of adjournment tomorrow in Parliament to discuss the issue and I hope the Speaker and other MPs will support us”.

She also questioned over the then IG's David Kimaiyo’s delayed directive in delaying the arrest of the suspects.

Response from Kenyans

 ‏@musembijohn1: @IGkimaiyo Please resign.

 ‏@Githuuri :@IGkimaiyo Boss, u r here tweeting while we need u in Mandera #ASAP

‏@mudenasi:@IGkimaiyo With all due respect I think you need to resign because you have failed to provide security to Kenyans.... We prefer Ali

@KiooChaJamii:@IGkimaiyo boss enda mandera

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