Nairobi County

  • CHAMPIONS RELOADED: Arya beat St Georges to retain Westlands Sub-County crown

    3 weeks ago
    Nairobi County girls secondary schools basketball champions Parklands Arya retained their Westlands Sub-County title yesterday.
  • Close dirty eateries in Nairobi West

    1 month ago
    The Nairobi County Health Department should shut down all eateries that do not meet food safety and hygiene standards in Nairobi West
  • All parties wrong on Nairobi governorship

    2 months ago
    Nairobi County hosts not just the country’s seat of government but embassies, international organisations and headquarters of multinationals.
  • Nairobi gubernatorial race takes a new twist

    2 months ago
    The race for the Nairobi County Governorship has intensified ahead of the next general election. Former Gatanga MP, Peter Kenneth appear has declared his interest in becoming the Nairobi new boss.According to Peter Kenneth, he is a resident of Nairobi and that is a place he feels he can bring sanity.
  • The battle for Nairobi governorship 2017

    2 months ago
    The city of Nairobi is attracting all manner of people to vie for the governorship.As the voters it may be hard to tell whether the aspirants are in it for power,the money, fame,will to implement changes or as a spring board for the highest political office in future or maybe even as a crowning feather in their political journey.
  • Dandora and the likes: A real threat to Nairobians

    2 months ago
    After the long festive holiday full of extravagances, there are two things bound to increase in Nairobi county - the amount of waste produced and ‘blame game’ among the three main stakeholders - the county residents, county government, and private contractors - on the poor state of waste management in the county