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Dennis Itumbi: Secrets you didn't know about DP Ruto's strategist


When news broke that Deputy President William Ruto’s digital communications strategist Dennis Itumbi had been abducted, naysayers took it with a pinch of salt. Because with Itumbi, it is difficult to tell where the line between truth and propaganda lies.

He is a brilliant journalist, a genius of sorts and a celebrated master of deceit. Like an onion, there are many layers to the man. A charmer to those he loves, a ferocious  brawler for his masters and a god to his followers who see him as a messiah leading an enigmatic revolution to eradicate an evil regime.

Whenever he steps forth into battle, he has to finish the deal. Like a tick sucking away for life, he is sold out to devotion…all the way to the slaughter. The Archbishop’s grandson is a difficult man to fathom, even more difficult to  tame, for he is constantly in battle — darting hither and thither; barking, biting, rabble rousing, fleeing and occasionally getting caught on the wrong end of the law.

But this time, he claims, it was the wrong end of a fist he ran into — coming off disheveled, broken in several places, blood oozing out of his eye. The result? A storm. Was he clout chasing or he was truly abducted on that December night and clobbered senseless by hired goons?

Either way, Itumbi, who claims the abduction took place at Thindigua along Kiambu road where allegedly  got whisked away into a white car by three unknown men, now hobbles along on crutches, oblivious of social media pundits laughing away and describing him as the man who cried wolf.   

Speaking on January 1 after being discharged from Nairobi West Hospital, Itumbi said he is out of danger and was responding well to treatment.

“The doctors have said I am out of danger. I will only go back to the hospital for normal clinics,” he said, adding that the alleged abduction left him with numerous injuries.

Sources told The Nairobian that Itumbi was tortured before his captors left him for dead. Objects were... okay, let’s not go there, and some of his fingers were broken before the captors melted into the darkness, leaving him stark naked.

“I suffered triple fractures on the left leg, one fracture on the right leg and an ankle dislocation,” he said after leaving hospital.

Itumbi also sustained an arm fracture and a dislocated wrist.

“Because of the handcuffs, I also sustained wrist dislocation,” said the blogger, an act he believes was meant to silence him and keep him traumatised.

 “I could not see after they poked my eyes, damaging my corneas. In the process of treatment, I developed trauma-pneumonia due to the injuries, and that is why I was moved to the ICU,” he said.

The Reverend’s grandson said he had forgiven his abductors, but “will expose them at a later date”.

He was allegedly found dumped at Nairobi’s Lucky Summer estate on the night of December 24 and rushed to hospital by good Samaritans, among one Makokha. The abduction and assault, if it indeed occurred, should hardly have surprised Itumbi, for he has been a kite dancing in the wind.

In early December, the former State House digital director wrote to parliament asking lawmakers to stop budgetary allocations to the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti. Why? For failing to obey a court order.

In a letter dated December 10, 2021, Itumbi asked the Commissioner General of Prisons Service, to have the Prisons boss to explain if the DCI had been in any prisons facilities.

 “I would be grateful, if you would, please, within the next three days supply me with the said information to ensure that the rule of law has been adhered to by the Inspector General of Police,” he said in the letter.

In September, the blogger was put on his defense in a criminal charge over the fake letter alleging a plot to assassinate Deputy President William Ruto. The matter was before the Milimani chief magistrate Martha Mutuku.

But Itumbi has a mushy side too. In 2015, he captured the imagination of Kenyans when he surprised TV anchor Jacque Maribe with a birthday cake while she was on air. After leaving the station, he took to his social media pages and crafted a romantic birthday message to her.

“Happy Birthday Jacque Maribe. You have proven over the years that you are a true friend. As you toss to old age, I wish you long life, great laughter and countless kisses of deep love from nature and man. I pray for triumph, light and progress in what you do and touch.

“Our friendship has grown closer over the years, our ambitions have been joined into a joint grand dream on some issues and our differences are easily joined by a stitching needle. To a good friend – a prayer for endless blessings, consistent victories and memorable moments every day of the year,” a smitten Itumbi penned.

After Maribe was arraigned in court in connection with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, Itumbi rallied everyone behind her. Theirs has been a strange ‘affair’ too, one punctuated with awkward moments. At some point, he was rumored to be Maribe’s baby daddy before comedian Eric Omondi crept out of the woodwork.

“No poetry today, no review of the year that’s been, No promises for the future that is, Just appreciation, heartfelt, for a friendship that stands pure and true. Happy birthday my bestie @dennisitumbi here’s to many, many more” Maribe posted in March last year as she wished Itumbi a happy birthday.

Itumbi writes his poetry with a rungu, unless the subject is his lovely friend, Jacque Maribe.

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