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How environmental sustainability was achieved at the 2023 WRC Safari Rally


Toyota Gazoo driver Sebastien Ogier battles on on the third day of the Safari Rally in Naivasha on June 24, 2023. [WRC]

The 2023 World Rally Championship (WRC) Rally held in Naivasha from June 22nd to 25th presented an opportunity to showcase that thrilling events can embrace environmental responsibility.

In the fast-paced world of motorsport, where excitement, speed, and adrenaline reign supreme, KCB, took centre stage to lead the charge towards a greener future.

The thrill of watching rally cars zoom through challenging terrains captivates fans around the globe.

However, it is essential to recognize that such events also have negative implications towards the environment.


KCB Tents at the 2023 WRC Rally showcase sustainable furniture from recycled wood and pallets.[Courtesy]

The anticipated emissions, waste generated, and ecological disruptions caused by motorsport activities are significant concerns that cannot be ignored.

For this reason, days leading to the rally, KCB joined forces with its sponsored drivers, planting a total of 500 trees in Naivasha Boys Boarding Primary School.

This act symbolized commitment to offsetting the rally's carbon footprint and forged a powerful bond between the drivers and the environment. Beyond the checkered flag, this act instilled a lasting sense of environmental responsibility.

Before the rally, the Bank made a deliberate move to educate and empower its suppliers to integrate ESG practices into their business during the rally and in the future.

This was done in line with the KCB Group Suppliers' Code of Conduct to educate the suppliers on how they can mainstream sustainability into their activities for the rally.

The Code of Conduct aims to have our suppliers run a sustainable business that contributes to the welfare of society and the environment while realizing profits.

It requires suppliers to adhere to labour and human rights, ensure a healthy and safe working environment, to have an effective environmental policy and Emergency preparedness and response.


Showcasing sustainability at the 2023 WRC held in Soysambu, Naivasha; KCB tent with repurposed furniture and animal artifacts made from recycled metal, embracing the astonishing beauty of waste transformation.[Courtesy]

Sustainability was woven into every aspect of the supply chain, ensuring that the event embraced environmentally conscious principles.

As the rally roared to life, the suppliers' dedication to sustainability took center stage as they played a pivotal role in transforming the rally site into an eco-friendly haven exemplifying the principles of a circular economy.

In a circular economy, the goal is to minimize waste and maximize the value of resources by keeping them in use for as long as possible.

Instead of following a linear "take-make-dispose" model, a circular economy aims to close the loop, creating a system where materials and products are reused, repaired, or recycled to create new value.

With ingenious creativity, they repurposed and used recycled materials like pallets, old oil drums, and tires, metal creating stunning decorations and furniture. This not only reduced waste but also showcased the astonishing beauty and functionality that waste and sustainable practices can achieve.

The event set-up was truly remarkable, catching everyone's attention with strategically positioned eye-catching SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) boxes at the KCB tents. These stylish cubes not only provided seating spaces but also symbolized the goals embraced by KCB. Serving as a constant reminder, they emphasized the broader social and environmental objectives throughout the event.


Promoting waste segregation at the 2023 WRC held in Naivasha; Color-coded bins positioned at KCB tents for effective waste collection, recycling and proper disposal.[Courtesy]

Waste management was a priority, with colour-coded bins placed throughout the rally site for proper waste segregation and collection. KCB collaborated with WRC marshals to ensure effective waste segregation and collection. This streamlined approach facilitated proper collection, sorting, and safe disposal and recycling of the waste.

After the event concluded, the unwavering commitment to sustainability was evident as the Naivasha ground was left immaculate. Every piece of waste was diligently collected and disposed off correctly. This thorough process showcased KCB's and her partners' dedication to protecting the planet demonstrating enduring environmental sustainability initiatives from beginning to end.

The successful combination of excitement and environmental consciousness in motorsport events has been proven. The efforts of KCB serve as an inspiring testament, encouraging others to embrace sustainability and prioritize the well-being of our planet. Now is the time to accelerate towards a greener future, leaving behind a trail of excitement and sustainability in every aspect of our lives.

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