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‘Dry spell’ and depression: Kenyans’ reactions to viral report


Medics have pointed out a nexus between lack of regular sex among adults and depression. [File, Standard]

Kenyans took to Facebook on Monday, September 14, to react to a Standard Newspaper report that highlighted a nexus between depression and lack of adequate sex among adults.

The story’s website version link was posted on The Standard Digital’s Facebook page on Monday evening, and as of the time of publishing this story, at least 2,100 people had commented in response to the established connection.

Another 3,100 had reacted to the post using emojis, while 173 shared the story link on their private accounts.

A bulk of the reactions were light in nature, with the online users having a field day in the comments section.

Medical experts interviewed by The Standard observed that couples without regular sex are less connected, consequently leading to communication breakdowns.

Dr. Paul Saoke, a medical consultant, said the benefits of sex include quality sleep through release of sex hormones like oxytocin and endorphins, which also help the brain grow neurons, making it work better.

Dr. James Odhiambo Alai of Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital said sex also helps in the release of immune-boosting antibodies, immunoglobulin.

According to medics, lack of regular sex can be caused by desire disorder (lack of sexual desire or interest), arousal disorder (inability for physical excitement), orgasm disorder (delay or absence of orgasm or climax) and pain disorder (pain during intercourse).

Sexual dysfunction can affect any age, although it is common in people aged 40 and above due to declining health and other vagaries of ageing.

The report’s revelations opened the comments gate, with Kenyans, in their typical nature, taking to the comments section to make light of the story.

Facebook user Sheila Montana joked: “Mimi hadi natupa memory (Lack of regular sex doesn’t only cause depression in me, but it also makes me lose memory).”

Mamake Kui bantered: “You also become partially blind; your knees start bending, your hair thins, your ear produces wax, making you deaf in the long run. I’d say, prevention is better than cure.”

Millie Kim said: “[Also] include yelling at people at times, and being easily irritated... However, I prefer the ‘dry spell’ than being in a toxic relationship.”

Another user, Ken Njuguna, joked: “Yes, [it’s true]. It reminds me of last night when I had severe episodes of anxiety and stress. I’m yet to recover, and can’t even think straight.”

Linah Pesian sought clarification on how one can know whether his or her depression is caused by “inadequate” sex.

“How do I know it’s ‘dry spell’, and not other causes, that has led to my depression and anxiety?” she posed.

Ma Drake Amanda joshed: “Yes, [it’s true]. Don’t forget other symptoms such as stammering, loss of weight and blindness.”

However, a section of the Facebook users said ‘dry spell’ was the lesser evil when compared to enduring a toxic relationship full of regular sex.

Joshua Bin Mukoya said: “It is better [to suffer ‘dry spell’] than getting yourself into toxic affair. I haven’t died [of lack of regular sex]. As we’re speaking, I can’t even remember the last time I got intimate.”

Anderson Amutabi said: “How about the nuns and priests in convents? They don’t have regular sex, if not none at all, and we’re seeing they are just okay.”

The “hilarious” comments in regard to the post are not backed by any empirical evidence, and, therefore, The Standard puts the disclaimer that they were made for fun purposes, and not as statements of fact.

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