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Governance issues show Kenya is not truly independent

Surely, our country needs to act its age. We need to quickly get our act together and move forward, otherwise we will remain stuck in this phase of delayed maturity.
By Cosmas Butunyi 2023-12-18 13:30:00
Speaking during a fundraiser in Kabondo Kasipul Constituency, Osele told residents that he is the one who lobbied for construction of the road.
By James Omoro 2023-12-11 11:30:00
Kenya stands to benefit economically from leading the mission. In September, the US and Kenya signed a defence agreement that gives Kenya resources and support to fight Al-Shabaab.
By Jennifer Greenburg 2023-12-04 07:00:00
Angeso said her husband had often shared with her his differences with some local leaders, arising from his refusal to provide a job to their preferred candidate.
By Mary Imenza 2023-11-24 13:00:00
Ruto portrayed himself as an outsider to Kenya’s power matrix who was best placed to improve the living conditions of the poor and excluded. But the economy has not improved under his watch.
By Westen K Shilaho 2023-11-21 06:09:00
Millie compared President William Ruto’s promises on reducing the cost of living to bras. She argued that a bra can mislead a man’s perception of how big or small a woman’s breasts are.
By James Omoro 2023-11-16 11:45:00
These are the same individuals who were against protests online and chose to vote in support of the punitive tax measures, in full knowledge of the public mood and likely consequences.
By Cosmas Butunyi 2023-11-11 16:00:00
The exchange of words and verbal slurs has been unrestrained. There is no sign of it coming to an end. Each boasts of being better than the other, in times of “class”, wealth and standing in society.
By Phares Mutembei 2023-11-10 12:05:00
If a person breaks into and robs a store and is caught, there will be an arrest. What happens after the person is caught ​is a series of State-based external sanctions?
By Edwin Wanjawa
Jul. 21, 2022
We will not have a problem with how to transport Ganja to the market. I thank the DP and that's why I like him.
By Priscilla Kimani
Jul. 21, 2022
Due to its ethnic diversity and intense political interests from virtually all key personalities from different parts of the country, Nakuru has witnessed intense political competition.
By Steve Mkawale
Jul. 19, 2022
What Raila is promising is not new. Cash transfers are often used by governments to respond with economic interventions to cushion the shock.
By Edwin Wanjawa
Jul. 18, 2022