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My husband thinks I'm his property

My spouse always asks me where I am, who I am with, and how much money I have, yet he never discusses anything he does with me. In this day and age, shouldn't spouses be equal?
By Chris Hart
Jul. 9, 2022
The other day my husband said something that really shook me. He told me that I am not meeting his emotional needs. What do I do?
By Chris Hart
Jun. 7, 2022
Please help me to understand my man! I have started to realise that he is motivated by completely weird things in the bedroom
By Chris Hart
May. 10, 2022
I love my husband, and I have always felt we were very intimate but recently, we had a huge fight about how much sex we should be having
By Chris Hart
May. 5, 2022
Many people these days don’t see marriage as anything worth striving for but at the end of the day nobody really wants to end up alone
By Esther Muchene
Apr. 21, 2022
Like lots of women, I was sure I’d chosen the right guy, and that we’d be happy together. But gradually I’ve become dissatisfied and bored
By Chris Hart
Apr. 19, 2022
I love my husband, I really do but he can be very forgetful, lazy, untidy and bad-tempered. How do I talk to him about it without being a nag?
By Chris Hart
Apr. 12, 2022
The argument given by the Petroleum Principal Secretary that marketers lack capacity to supply fuel does not sound convincing.
By Mbugua Ng'ang'a
Apr. 3, 2022
It is commendable that Deputy President William Ruto took upon himself to apologise to Raila and his entourage.
By Editorial
Apr. 2, 2022
Kenya is among the three states suspended in resolutions made at the 72nd Fifa Congress in Doha, Qatar.
By Editorial
Apr. 2, 2022
The Supreme Court yesterday delivered its final judgement on the Building Bridges Initiative, ending a debate that has gone on for over two years.
By Editorial
Apr. 1, 2022
The fate of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is expected to be sealed today when the Supreme Court gives the final judgement.
By Editorial
Mar. 31, 2022