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Keeping your child busy over the holidays

Schools closed over a week ago, and if you have children in lower, and upper grades, and teenagers, you might be experiencing some tsunami in your household.
By Jayne Rose Gacheri 2024-04-13 12:44:01
Known to her followers as ‘The Wandering Doctor’ she effortlessly balances her roles as a dedicated surgeon doctor by day and a talented baker by night.
By Nailantei Kenga 2024-03-16 15:56:38
Experts say that fear of flying can be caused by many factors, among them claustrophobia or fear of heights, resulting in irrational anxiety.
By Jayne Rose Gacheri 2024-03-09 11:57:03
Sports tourism seems to be on the rise, with the country hosting high-level events that have become crowd-pullers in recent times.
By Peter Muiruri 2024-02-24 14:31:06
Polo has a long history, both globally and in Kenya. Accounts about its origins differ but the first tournament is thought to have been played around 600 BC in Persia.
By Peter Muiruri 2024-02-24 13:58:44
According to the Meteorological Department, hotter days and nights “will be here for a while”, and the experts urge the public to be ready.
By Jayne Rose Gacheri 2024-02-24 12:33:05
Travel and hospitality experts have predicted that 2024 is going to be the busiest since the Covid-19 disruption.
By Jayne Rose Gacheri 2024-02-17 15:16:08
The term simp is short for simpleton. It is an internet slang referring to an individual who places too much emphasis on being overly nice, submissive and attentive towards another person.
By Molly Chebet 2024-02-17 12:45:56
World Condom Day, observed annually on February 13, precedes the romantic celebrations of Valentine’s Day.
By Ann Veronicah 2024-02-13 14:40:46
In the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry, AI has been warmly embraced, fueling creativity in unprecedented ways.
By Molly Chebet 2024-02-08 14:47:03
This natural spectacle instantly transports visitors to a realm of tranquillity, providing a brief respite from worldly concerns.
By Nailantei Kenga 2024-01-15 08:50:59
The dawn of a new year naturally prompts us to set expectations, envision brighter futures and strive for the best versions of ourselves.
By Esther Muchene 2024-01-14 14:34:00