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'The Wandering Doctor's minimalist apartment

 The Wandering Doctor's living room.

Dr Diana Justus’ passion for medicine, baking, and empowering women knows no bounds.

Known to her followers as ‘The Wandering Doctor’ she effortlessly balances her roles as a dedicated surgeon doctor by day and a talented baker by night.

Her influence extends far beyond the operating room and kitchen – her digital presence, adorned with thousands of followers, showcases content that is nothing short of remarkable, reflecting her unwavering dedication to women’s health and empowerment. 

Stepping into her impeccably organised space, I was greeted by a monochromatic masterpiece. The expansive window flooded the room with warmth and light.

In her impeccably designed abode, every element sang in perfect harmony, a symphony of sophistication that tantalised the senses.

From the sleek furnishings that adorn the space to the delicate glass dining table, each facet spoke volumes of refined taste and discerning elegance.

Yet, it was the plush black velvet chairs that truly stole the spotlight, their opulent presence commanding attention.

The grey L-shaped sink-in sofa exudes comfort, while playful throw pillows add bursts of colour and texture. Each pillow, adorned with its unique texture and design, injects vibrant colour, infusing the room with an irresistible oomph and pop of joy.

From the opulent curtains adorning her windows, it is evident that every stitch bears witness to her unwavering dedication to perfection. The interplay of cream, gold, and shades of grey upon the rich fabric is nothing short of mesmerising.

In her design, lighting was not just a practicality; it was a means of creating ambience and infusing spaces with soul.

 The Dining area

She went for small, miniature square light fixtures that adorn the walls like delicate jewels, casting a gentle glow that infused the room with warmth and character.

It is a testament to her minimalist ethos, where every element served a purpose, and excess was shunned in favour of simplicity and harmony.

Her marble table stands as a singular masterpiece in her home, a fusion of inspiration and craftsmanship that whisper tales of ingenuity and dedication.

Drawn from the boundless well of creativity that is Pinterest, she found her muse, envisioning a piece that would be both timeless and unique.

Guided by the skilled hands of a Kenyan artisan on Jogoo Road, her vision was brought to life in stunning detail.

With a gleam of satisfaction in her gaze, she shared her wisdom on the art of collaboration with artisans.

“One has to be patient when working with artisans. It is exhausting and time-consuming, but it’s worthwhile. You save on cash and you get a custom-made item that you are passionate about,” she said.

As she walked through her home, pointing out each carefully crafted piece, she revealed her love for the creative process.

“Most of the items in this house, I have recreated them, and I love it, it brings out my creative side. I prefer it that way,’’ she said.

“One of the things that the public forgets is that we are more than doctors. Some of us love art, and we have other interests too,” said Diana.

In her sanctuary of self-expression, she found not only solace but also a canvas for her multifaceted identity to shine.

As we delved deeper into her world, Diana revealed her love for art and literature. Themed art pieces, African autobiographies, and scented candles adorn her bookshelf, offering a glimpse into her multifaceted personality.

In her spacious kitchen, adorned with marble countertops and ample storage, she works her magic as a baker extraordinaire. Her cakes, not only delectable in taste but also stunning in design, reflect her unwavering commitment to perfection.

But amidst the beauty of her surroundings lies a dedication to her patients that is truly inspiring. Despite the occasional demands and challenges, Diana approaches each interaction with empathy and grace, ensuring that every patient leaves with a smile.

 Dr Diana Justus

And when it comes to matters of the heart, Diana’s boyfriend, also in the medical field, stands by her side. With a smile, she gently reminds me that some questions are best left unasked.

In the presence of Diana, it is clear that her brilliance knows no bounds. As a surgeon, a baker, a businesswoman and a beacon of empowerment, she continues to inspire all who have the privilege of crossing paths with her. 

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