Cancer Hospital,TCC opens new 60-seater cancer ward

Mr Paul (left) of P-Square presents a trophy to Texas Cancer Centre CEO Catherine Nyongesa after opening a Chemotherapy ward during the celebration of 8 years of existence of the Texas Cancer, Mbagathi Way, Nairobi. Texas Cancer Centre is expanding the facility to help fight the cancer scourge. [Elvis Ogina/Standard]
Cancer Hospital Texas Cancer Centre (TCC), in Makadara, Nairobi, has opened a new cancer ward as part of its efforts to expand and increase its capacity to cater for more and more patients who visit the facility for treatment.

The new ward, called daycare chemotherapy ward, has a capacity of 60 seats – which patients sit on while undergoing treatment.

Patients who are under chemotherapy will be able to use the ward daily and go home instead of being booked as inpatients and hence make it affordable to undergo treatment.

“Cancer treatment is costly because of the costs of medicine and machines used in treatment. The daycare ward will offer outpatient services: it will be a place where patients come for a day for chemotherapy sessions and then they can leave,” Dr Catherine Nyongesa, the chief oncologist and CEO at the facility said at the event that marked the opening of the ward.

The chief guest at the event – which took place on Friday evening – was the famous Nigerian artiste Peter Okoye, of P-Square. He congratulated the hospital for its efforts to expand its facilities and hence increase capacity to take in more patients.

“What this hospital has done is take initiative instead of waiting for donors from the west to come and do it for Kenyans. It is truly remarkable that this hospital is growing without such help,” Peter said.

Construction at TCC is still ongoing for more wards and facilities, something that Dr Nyongesa is optimistic the hospital will soon realise completion of the projects.

The hospital began operations in 2010; attending to about 500 patients annually. Eight years on about five thousand patients come into its doors for various services related to treatment and management of cancer.

According to Dr Nyongesa, it is difficult to point out the reason for this ten-fold increase in patients visiting the facility.

However, she refutes the belief that cancer is now more prominent, saying instead that it could be because better diagnostic tools are now in use to diagnose the disease unlike in the 90s.

TCC is a specialised hospital equipped to treat and attend to various needs for cancer patients.

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