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Five tips on how to live with a pet in a small space

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 Loving a pet creates a strong bond and affection for oneself (Shutterstock)

Small spaces have their disadvantages. Starting with the obvious - space is limited and sometimes even having people over feels too crowded.

Add a dog, a cat or a hamster and the game changes entirely.

But who can blame you considering how cute and loyal our furry family members can be? Loving a pet creates a strong bond and affection for oneself that sometimes cannot even be replicated by those around us.

Our little companions bring so much joy especially if you happen to be single, newly divorced or you’re going through the empty nest phase which can get a little lonely.

Whatever stage in life you’re in, caring for a pet might just be what you may need to make you happy and retain your sanity.

However, it does not end there. Larger pets like dogs need to play and run around and being in confined spaces may not be ideal. Due to their high energy levels, you may have to take them for occasional walks around the neighborhood from time to time.

That, nonetheless, should not deter you from moving forward. Here are some tips on how you can live with a pet in your small space.

i.Train them

If you stay in an apartment, you must be considerate of your neighbours since you will be sharing a space with them and their children.

Dogs tend to bark a lot and this may be an issue especially if you live in a much quieter neighborhood. For this reason, you may have to train your dog to bark less. If necessary, consider getting a trainer.

ii.Put away unnecessary furniture

Sometimes lack of space could be as a result of clutter and poor house planning. Go through each room and get rid of furniture and stuff you no longer need or use to create more space for the dogs or cats to run freely.

Make every furniture purchase intentional and do not go overboard with bits and pieces for your cute pets. Furniture with storage and multiple functionalities is what you should be looking at.

 Due to their high energy levels, you may have to take them for occasional walks (Shutterstock)

iii.Buy some toys

The easiest way to keep your pets from chewing your expensive leather boots and running amok is by buying for them toys. There are so many options when it comes to indoor toys you just have to pick what works for your furry mate.

This will keep them busy and distracted affording you enough time to do chores and other activities in the house without your furry friends necessarily summoning your attention.

iv.Have a litter box

If you don’t have a yard or a balcony it is important to create a private area where your dog or cat can do their thing whenever they need to.

Ensure it is easily accessible and train them on how to use it. Keep it clean and dry so it doesn’t start to smell otherwise your pet will be forced to start doing the unthinkable on your carpet or bed.

v.Get creative with unused spaces

Since space is a problem, look around your house and identify areas you can utilize. There is always an area you can utilize to the best of your advantage.

Empty bottom shelves for instance can be repurposed to a space designated just for your pet. You can also convert it to a sleeping area by putting a blanket, pillow and a toy.

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