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Everything you need to know about queefing

Young Women
 If you happen to queef a lot there is nothing to be ashamed of (Image: Shutterstock)

Before we dissect this, get one thing clear, queefing is totally normal.

With or without your knowledge it has happened on more occasions than you can imagine you just weren’t aware of it.

So, what is queefing exactly? I’ll tell you.

It is simply a vaginal fart. It now all sounds familiar right?

This happens when the air accumulated in the vaginal chamber gets pushed in and released coming out the same way a regular fart does. The vagina has rugae which are wrinkle like folds and because of that air gets easily trapped.

And although it may come out in the middle of a wild sex session or during your periods, it is not dangerous not unless there is a foul smell or discharge then you may need to have that checked.

Here is everything you need to know about vaginal flatus:

It can happen more often during certain months

When you’re ovulating or having your periods, your pelvic floor tends to be weaker than usual and you are more likely to queef.

During the luteal phase of your cycle, just before your period or immediately after you had your ovulation you will notice less queefing as your pelvic muscles go back to their maximum strength.

It may happen frequently during certain sex positions

When your legs are spread wide and there is deep penetration pushing more air in then releasing it when the penis is removed, the more air there is in the vagina the more you will queef.

Queefing during sex is almost inevitable especially when your pelvis is tilted upward which tends to be the case in most positions. Even during missionary, it will make those noises so long as your butt is lifted off the bed.

 Queefing can be caused by cerain sex positions and stretches (Image: Shutterstock)
You can’t control it

How many times have you held a fart when there were people standing behind you at the bank? Well, we all have more than we can count. This is because the anal sphincter is much tighter and can help you control the passage of gas from the gastrointestinal tract.

Your vagina on the other hand cannot. When you’re fully aroused and the more the air that goes into your vagina the likelihood you will queef.

It could be a pelvic floor issue

Trapped air could be a sign of a serious problem related to your pelvic floor especially if you find yourself queefing more than usual.

You may have to go get checked to confirm it is not a pelvic organ prolapse or a urinary or fecal incontinence problem. If that is ruled out and you’re still passing too much air, you should consider some pelvic floor exercises to strengthen those muscles.

Tampons can be a cause

When menstrual cups and tampons are inserted into the vagina, some air gets trapped. When you remove them or happen to engage in a physical activity or stretching, chances are you will queef as the air is released.

It’s a vibration

According to the experts, the sound comes from vibrations of the labia majora especially when your vagina is wet. It works the same way a normal fart does when your butt cheeks flap together when the gas is passing out of your rectum.

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