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Insanely stupid things men do to please women


Men and women do insane things to show (or is it prove?) their love to their objects of desire. However, by and large, men take the biscuit. The extent to which men go to please women would shock the devil into gasping, “Jesus!”

In their desperate attempts to prove to women that they, indeed, love them, men do things that would never miss in the annals of most stupid romance tales. Some men even push the joke far by putting such rubbish in music lyrics. Take, for instance, the, “I’d rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else,” nonsense singer Luther Vandross sung about? Is that practically possible for any sane man? You must be nuts!

Duped into donated kidney

A tale is told of a man — insanely in love — who donated a kidney to his girlfriend’s ‘brother’. This was after she sobbed and cried in his arms all day about how ill her ‘brother’ was. And guess what, after that ‘stupid’ deed, she dumped him later! And what’s more, upon investigations, he rudely discovered that the alleged ‘girlfriend’s brother’ was actually one of her lovers whom she ended up marrying! Out of shock, our man fainted. He has never loved any woman since then, and he doesn’t want to hear anything to do with marriage.

Illiterates who take girlfriends through college

We all at least know a semi-illiterate man who can’t read and write properly, but has taken a woman through college, funded her Masters degree in this or that, got in debt and sponsored her PhD, only for her, as it happens in most cases, to dump him later! Painful, but very true. A case in point is a certain Peter, whom we chose not to reveal his other name lest we disgrace him. Peter, a business man who happens to be a college Diploma holder, is currently paying fees for his girlfriend, Nancy who is pursuing a Masters degree at the University of Nairobi. Keep it in mind, he took her through her degree course at the same institution. A cousin of his, who happens to be our tipster for this story, tried in vain to prevail upon him to further his studies.

“Nancy is an investment to me,” that’s all he tells our tipster whenever she brings up the matter. “I have already heard rumours that Nancy is working day and night to get a Green Card to go to the United States of America. I, however, cannot vouch for the visa gossip, thus I have not shared the same with him. But I can only imagine how devastated he may be in the event she flies out. My fingers are crossed,” says the tipster who requested anonymity.

Mind boggling sacrifices

If you thought our kidney guy was the most retarded man you have ever heard about, wait till you hear what other gentlemen do for love. The story of a certain George and his girlfriend Winnie will get you rolling on the ground with laughter. The two have been in a relationship for slightly over two years now. Let’s just say, to borrow street parlance, George amekaliwa chapatti. Because the sacrifices George makes to please Winnie are mind boggling.

George, a struggling man, for instance, went out of his way to put Winnie through college. Once she was done, he slaved a way and funded her stay (rent, food, pocket money and all) in another town where she was doing her internship. Mark you Winnie was not his wife, neither had he officially introduced her to his people. However, Winnie had told some of her sisters and cousins about George.

Priorities wife’s family to his

See the way we take all our burdens to Jesus Christ? That is exactly what Winnie’s cunning sisters and cousins did to George; they took all their financial problems to him — their caring and loving in-law-to be. George begun sending money left right and centre, even before meeting the people he was sending money to. Which man doesn’t want to be in good books with his in-laws-to be? In a nutshell, he became sufficiently philanthropic to Winnie’s family.

As all this was going on, George’s younger sister was wallowing in ignorance back in their rural home. Reason? She had cleared Form Four, but could not join college due to lack of funds. Would you believe that?! George, blinded by love (or is it stupidity?), kept supporting Winnie and her family, telling his parents that he was not financially stable — just yet — to sponsor his smaller sister. Just Imagine! He could not even afford to pay for his sister to at least study computer packages as she waited to join college. Winnie, on the other hand, managed to complete her attachment and come back to Nairobi where George is located. After short time, as Gorge was busy helping her get a job, the unthinkable happened. Guess what?

Winnie fell in love with a man old enough to be her father. The man spoilt her with a lot of money, money she did not have since she was still jobless. As much as she tried keeping this new development away from George, he got wind of it and confronted her.

mulika mwizi user buys girlfrind smart phone

As expected, Winnie denied, claiming the man was after her, but she was not entertaining his advances. George tried to compete with the older man to win back Winnie by throwing his hard-earned money at Winnie, but wapi! George even took the competition a notch higher by securing Winnie a health insurance and bought her a bloody expensive smart phone (never mind George’s phone is a cheap contraption commonly known as mulika mwizi) all in vain. The relationship between George and Winnie is on the rocks, George is determined and still hopeful. Winnie on the other hand is torn between the old man and George, she is yet to decide where to place her bet.

Get in debts to please her

So you think George is insane? Well, think again. Meet Chris. For luck of a better way of putting it, Chris is a man who is dead from the neck upwards, so to speak. In fact, you may be forgiven for wondering whether he has brains! Look, while Chris’ parents are still living in the mud hut they brought him up in, he is busy laying a foundation for a permanent house for his wife’s parents! Who does that? Like seriously?! To add insult to injury, he is the one who took a loan from his workplace to help Peggy’s parents clear the balance for the land their house stands on.

Cut off family and friends

Although they moved in together, the two are not married officially, yet and here is Chris ‘crossing oceans’ for Peggy, his wife. He has, however, kept it a secret from his own parents knowing too well how frustrated they will be if they get wind of what is happening.

Chris is the first born in a family of three and the only boy. His two sisters are still in college being supported by his parents who are both teachers in their rural home. Peggy, on the other hand, makes sure her parents get the best. What’s more, Chris has even taken the trouble of transporting the constructors from Nairobi all the way to western Kenya to build the house. This man! Peggy told him that the constructors from western are not experienced enough to build the design she wants. Wackier tales have been told of men who, immediately they fall in love, cut off family members, friends and associates.

They ignore calls from the aforementioned individuals, and always claim to be too busy. They completely dissociate from anyone who offers advice, criticizes or tells them the truth about their ‘sweethearts’.

Quickly marry wrong woman

We have heard stories of men who get so insanely in love with women that they marry in a huff, say two or three months, without doing any background check on them.

And by the time they sober up and wake up from slumber, when it’s of course too little too late (a couple of children down the line), they realise they married the wrong woman. With nothing to do, they wallow in sorrow and regret for ever.

Change religion because of love

They say love is blind and it can make one do the craziest of things. For instance, we have witnessed men change religion just because of love for their women. Many male Christians have changed to Islam because of women, but when was the last time you heard a Muslim woman changed her religion to Christianity because of a man?

Men do all manner of silly things when in love. Who told them it is romantic to carry a woman’s handbag? a woman’s bag is part of her accessories. And you girls who give your men handbags to carry, if you feel like your handbag is going to be too heavy for you in the course of the day, the best thing to do is to avoid carrying it all together. Not subjecting your man to unnecessary attention in the streets.

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