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Make up tips for people with oily skin

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While oily skin comes with some major complexion benefits and less wrinkling over time, the annoyances of keeping your makeup in place and ditching excess shine can wear on a girl. Here are a few tips and tricks to guide you on the path to making sure your makeup look amazing and last all day with minimum shine.

1.      Tone it up

Skin prep is super important for oily skin, using the right toner will help balance out the oiliness. To avoid dehydrating your skin, use an alcohol-free toner.

2.     Moisturise

Don’t listen to those myths that oily skinned people don’t need to moisturise. If you skip the moisturiser your skin will react by producing more oil. Try to get your natural oil production under control by making sure your skin gets all nourishment it needs.

3.      Prime everything

Primers prevent your makeup from “melting” off your face. When selecting a primer, opt for a mattifying, oil free product. Avoid any primer with the word “glow” as it may end up making you look shiny.

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4.      Conceal your blemishes

Avoid cream concealers as they have a higher oil content than liquid concealers. The type of foundation you use is also important; opt for formulas that are long-wearing and oil-free. 

5.      Blot away

Everyone with oily skin must set your makeup with powder. Once again use powders with the words “mattifying” or “matte” finish. Avoid over powdering during the day, which can make your Make Up look cakey. Try oil blotting papers for a quick touch up during the day.

Ruthie Kinuthia is a professional makeup artist and founder of Makeup by Ruthie; [email protected]

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