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Here’s how to tell if you are in the wrong relationship


Most of us have found ourselves stuck in relationships for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes people go into the relationships not because they love and want to commit to their partners but for their own selfish gains.

Some of the wrong reasons why people go into relationships include adventure, rebound, revenge or dating for convenience. Once you get into a relationship for the wrong reasons, it is bound to fail.

Here are some signs that you are stuck in the wrong relationship:

You are always defending your partner from friends and family:

This definitely means that your partner’s behavior is wanting to your family and friends. Therefore you always find yourself defending their behavior to your close circle. M. Gary Neuman, the author of The Truth About Cheating: Why Men Stray and What You Can Do to Prevent It says“When all your friends and family are uncomfortable with the relationship, it’s time to take a good look at it”.

You feel like you want to change your personality in order to please your partner:

It is normal for one to make slight changes when they get into a new relationship in order to accommodate their partner. However, if you find yourself trying to change who you really are as a person for their happiness, it is a red flag.

You have nothing in common:

Having nothing in common with your partner gets boring and will most likely lead to stress and lead to a lack bonding. You can't build a life with someone who doesn't share your own values, dreams or jokes. For one to grow and plan a future with someone, you must have some common interests.


You want to spend more time alone than with your partner:

Bonding moments are very crucial in every relationship. You must be able to enjoy time together with your partner. If therefore you find yourself opting to spend time alone or with other people instead of with your partner, be very scared.  

No communication:

Communication is the backbone of every relationship. With poor or no communication whatsoever, your relationship is doomed. If especially you cannot express yourself freely to your partner for fear of being judged or condemned, it’s time you left the relationship.


Your partner makes all the huge decisions in the relationship:

When it comes to a relationship, both parties should be able to contribute to decisions that affect them. If your partner takes the lead of making all the crucial decisions for your relationship, it is dangerous. You end up feeling like a spectator in your own relationship.

You always get excuses to stay

If you find yourself justifying why you are still with a person, you definitely are in the wrong relationship. It should be automatic if you are happy and hence you should not have to come up with excuses as to why you are with a particular person.



When was the last time you chose ‘you’?

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