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Is my dear wife engaging in witchcraft?


For the last two years, my wife has been acting strange and I just don't know what to make of this. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to find her seated on the floor saying strange things in low tones and a time or two she became hysterical and started rolling on the floor.

Other times she wakes up early and I find her sprinkling things around the house and when I ask what this is all about, she says that she usually prays at night and that the things she sprinkles around are meant to anoint our house and get rid of evil spirits.

I don't buy any of this because I think she behaves more like a witch than a Christian. She also has weird objects that she keeps locked in her locker and I am not sure if any of what she is doing is right. What should I do? {Dominic}

Your take

Dominic, you did not tell us if your wife has ever experienced psychological problems. She might actually be schizophrenic and I advise you take her to a psychologist for assessment. The two of you also need to see a professional counsellor. Counselling may help what is in her unconscious mind come to the conscious.

{Andera Ngota}

There is no way your wife will talk of casting demons you have no idea about. A family that prays together stays together. She should explain the strange prayers to you otherwise you may be staring at a cult practice. The sooner you stop this, the better. Be firm and make it clear to her you are not comfortable with what she practices so she must stop it. From her friends, you can also find out more of what she engages in.

{Tasma Charles}

Visit your pastor for some spiritual guidance. You may also engage her to know more about what is going on and why she is doing this.

{Moh kahawa}

Dominic, This is very serious and you can't handle it alone. Your wife has a problem and this is the right time for her to be assisted. The first thing I would advise you to do is inform your in-laws. Perhaps this is something that happened to her before you got married.

They might have some way to end it. All in all, this case is best handled by ordained servants of God and a psychiatrist. Your wife must be suffering from the so-called "world of darkness" or the evil spirits as you had mentioned. There is nothing prayer cannot do. I want to assure you that when you seek the face of the Lord in faith then all this evil behaviour will end. Your wife is going to be healed.

{Fred Jausenge}

Counsellors Take

The description I got is that of a woman who is into witchcraft. People pray in many ways but not late at night, seated on the floor chanting strange things.

Again, prayer has more to do with faith in God rather than faith in some strange liquids that ought to be splashed round the house. This, I presume, is done to chase away evil spirits. I am no expert in black magic but I can say with certainty that she is already possessed by those spirits also explained by the various incidences of hysteria.

Most people think that witchcraft is practiced by “other people”, uneducated, poor, evil and elderly people living in some remote and dusty village but it is practiced by all and sundry including some seemingly religious people.

You need to try and get to the bottom of the matter before jumping into conclusions. This is not a simple matter as if affects the family that you two are building. If need be, get a counsellor for her and let them understand what has been happening.

People who are into black magic are also in many instances often hysterical and always think that others want to do them wrong. At present, she may be into chasing away evil spirits but with time this will turn towards practices that will focus on preventing other women from taking you.

Even though at the moment we don’t know what is happening, prepare your mind as this may turn out ugly especially when you confront her.

The problem with these things is that they start off as simple seemingly harmless acts then the notch keeps going higher. At present she is only sprinkling some liquids around the house, with time she might start bringing in other scary things like snakes, dead reptiles and body parts.

You don’t want to be around when this happens and eventually she may even influence you into the practice. Black magic has to do with very strong beliefs and practices which cannot be easily erased.


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