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Must there be a reason to love someone?



Falling in love was never a choice for me, neither was it a chance.

It is something that just happened and it's so amazing how you can be in love with someone without knowing it. I must have heard them say, that you never believe in something till you find a reason to. Well, I don't know where to take this debate :( realists or idealists). "Must there be a reason for you to love someone?"

I must have been an idealist for quite sometimes, but based on my thoughts as an upcoming realist, it is of a matter of fact that human beings are driven by their egoistic status-quo; they are motivated by desires of self-interest and would do anything to grasp it. Anyway, what crossed my path in the recent days shocked me to my nerves.

Humans do crave for love and attention. But you see none of these can ever be forced into someone. Loving someone so much does not always mean that he/she loves you as much. Consequently, being in love doesn't guarantee that you are the soul mate of that other person.

Love is so much dynamic and diverse. Not even the greatest scholars have found true defining words to love. At times it might be as a blessing to the chosen few while some other times it may appear as a person's worst nightmare. Giving up is never an option, perseverance can bore you to death, and in that case you should know when to let go.

Fumes of thoughts clouded my mind as I was wondering, why say I love you when I never say I love you too. My mind was telling me to give up while my heart was insinuating to hold on. My ego had a quest, "what is ever there to hold on to?" and there came an answer from nowhere, "love". What is love anyway?

I love nature, especially the way it tends to ease human pain, and to be more precise I love butterflies. One thing about butterflies is that, the more you chase after them the more they fly away. They keep on eluding you with every step that you make. I tend to link love with the butterflies. So let me cut the chase and wait for the butterfly to rest on my shoulders.

Beyond the limits of love doesn't mean climbing the tallest building or falling from it. It goes beyond all the obvious reasons to love. It's more about sacrificing, selflessness. It goes beyond wanting to pull your heart from your chest, to bleeding all the blood from your veins. It's never about making the right choices because none is ever perfect and we are so lucky to be given second chances; I guess it's because we learn from our past mistakes.

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