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Parenting: Things kids want from their parents

 As a parent you need to understand your child (Shutterstock)

The relationship between children and their parents cannot be compared to any other. It is a very sensitive bond that largely molds an individual as they grow up to become fully independent adults.

In recent years, parents have started to realize that there needs to be a few changes in parenting especially in the African society. There was a certain structure that was followed in the old-school era where parents were supremo, but things have changed. Children’s feelings are now being considered, which a huge progressive step.

Every parent needs to understand their child more and these are some of the things your kids want from you and considerations to guide you in your parenting journey.

They want to be heard

In the past, many parents assumed that children didn’t have any form of wisdom whatsoever. They saw the need to control every bit of their children’s lives regardless of how their kids felt about it.

An example is how many people end up getting certain degrees just to make their parents happy and that’s it. Maybe if they had a voice, they could have preferred to invest more in their talent and they would be happier and more productive.

It’s therefore, important for parents to talk to their kids and get their input before making certain decisions.

They want a friend

The best parenting strategy is one that gives room for a friendship to blossom. When a parent is too strict, their kids can’t communicate freely with them. So if a child is going through depression or a tough situation, they would still rather keep it to themselves that risk looking like a complainer if they dare talk to their parents about it.

Parents need to learn how to balance between being a friend and a figure of authority in the house and to their children.

 You need to listen to your child's opinion from time to time (Shutterstock)
They want parents to show them affection

We were all created with emotions and we should express them. Keeping them suppressed all the time could cause some serious personality issues where you don’t know how to bond with the people around you.

Children know that they’re loved but sometimes what they need is actual proof, a simple hug here and there won’t hurt anyway.

There is something very special about a child receiving affection from their parent and that actually has a huge impact on their lives. Well, showing affection might not be your thing but your child really needs it.

They need your guidance

It’s good for parents to give their kids some freedom. This is a great way to nurture independence and responsibility as they grow up. At the same time parents need to be comfortable keeping their children in check because the whole ‘let your kids be free’ concept can always backfire.

When there’s no one to guide them, they end up self-sabotaging and carry the baggage of regret for the rest of their lives. Eventually they realize that they needed their parents to be stricter with them instead of allowing them to do what they wanted.

It’s okay to give your children some liberty but don’t get caught up with giving them too much of it. At the end of the day you are the parent not their best friend so act like one especially when needed.

What makes your family amazing?

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