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Farida Limo, PR Manager Supersport: 'I’m a hands on girl'


What type of car do you drive?

A charcoal grey BMW 3-series.

What make was your first car?

A Toyota Corolla.

What additions have you made to your car to give it a personal touch?

Being a simple girl, I have only changed the tyres to give it a firmer grip on the road. I do not like being conspicuous on the road.

What girly stuff do you carry in your car?

Besides my three pairs of shoes; boots, flats and heels, I always carry my golf bag and my tennis racket that I play on the weekends.

What do you love about your car?

Its stability and economical fuel consumption.

Speaking of fuel consumption, how much do you spend on fuel on average?

A fuel tank will take me through the month. That comes to about Sh6,000 to a maximum of Sh6,500 when driving around the city.

Which animal are you on the road, a cheetah or a tortoise?

A cheetah. I love speed, but not the type that would lead one to overlap in traffic. I get to enjoy speed on the highways and on long distance trips.

What is your dream car?

A 2014 Audi R8. It is classy, yet feminine and is not common on Kenyan roads.

If you were stranded on a highway with a flat tyre, what would you do?

I am a hands on lady and would readily get down and dirty to change it.

Are you a manual or automatic kind of girl?

Manual. Even the car I have is manual. I prefer it that way as it keeps me alert on the road.

If you had the privilege of a siren on your car, what outrageous thing would you do?

I would squeeze through traffic and try get to my destination in the shortest time possible. However, truth be told, those sirens are irritating.

What do you do to kill time while in traffic?

I listen to sports news, which I really enjoy or I tune in to Capital FM.

What habit would you not tolerate from people you carry in your car?

People who roll down the windows in an attempt to show off. Also, I cannot stand people who eat in the car because the food spills are unsightly and the smell is disgusting.

What advice would you give to a lady who is planning to buy her first car?

Do not buy a car because you admire someone else’s or you will end up like those who car owners who drive once in a blue moon as they cannot afford to run its cost. Buy a car that is easy to use and affordable to maintain.

What bad experience have you had on Kenyan roads?

One rainy night when we were hosting an event at Ole Sereni, my car stalled on Mombasa Road. Luckily, the car had given a warning that there was a problem. I had to drive to safety and call for help.



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