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Gifts you can get your mum for Mother's Day

 Gifts you can get your mum for Mother's Day (Photo: iStock)

Happy Mother’s Day to all mums out there!

Mothers are real heroes. A mother gives up so much that her children can have more basic needs. She puts her needs last and prioritises her children. 

As long as a child is happy, the mother is happy. It would be very ungrateful if people did not appreciate these magical creatures.

One way to show appreciation is to give them gifts. It doesn't have to be the most expensive thing, just something that would make her happy.

As we said, mothers are selfless. When buying a gift, think about getting what your mum wanted but was unable to get, or about getting what you want. In many cases, she may have seen these products as a luxury for her, so she may not have prioritised them.


If you don't know your mum's size, you could pick her up and take her to a boutique. Depending on your budget, let her pick out the clothes she likes and take her home.

If she gets a nice shoe to show off at her Chama meetings, you can be sure she will always mention, "My daughter/son got this for me. These words are very powerful, especially when they come from a mother.


You could also visit a jewellery shop and pick up a sparkling necklace, ring, bracelet or whatever your mum loves. The gift would be more complete if it came with a jewellery box in a shape and colour that your mum loves.

One thing a lady will always appreciate is a bag. Give your mum a beautiful bag depending on what she does most. You could also include one just for aesthetics that she can use on her girls' day out.

Most mums have a collection of scarves and shawls, but adding one that stands out won't hurt. Ask her if there is a design she envies and delivers.

Bring her home decor up to date

Cutlery is not part of the home decor category, but we can all agree that our mothers tend to have a few cups and plates just for aesthetics. Buying her a new set for the same purpose or for use would make her really happy.

You could also buy her new sofas, some nice wall art, a new dining table and more, depending on your budget.

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