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Beat the cold season with these five tricks

 How to beat the cold season (Photo: iStock)

With the cold season fast approaching and heavy rainfall on the peripheries, knowing how to remain warm is essential for your comfort and well-being.

So grab a hot beverage, find a good location, and learn how to keep warm and cosy throughout the coldest months of the year:

Layer your clothes

Layering your clothes is the best and quickest way to meet changing weather conditions. A good example of layering is wearing a base layer to absorb moisture and keep sweat away from your body. Add an insulating mid-layer like a sweater to trap the heat. Finally, dress in a windproof and waterproof outer layer to shield against the elements.

Stay active

Did you know that the body generates over 1000 Watts during physical activities? Being active increases your metabolic rate, which produces more body heat, and helps you stay warm. Furthermore, maintaining an active lifestyle encourages improved blood circulation, which makes warm blood move more efficiently throughout the body and keeps your extremities warmer. Regular exercise also benefits your cardiovascular health in general.

Take hot beverages and soups

Hot beverages like tea, coffee or hot chocolate play a significant role in keeping you warm by providing external heat and facilitating internal thermoregulation. Due to their vasodilatory action, hot drinks can also assist promote blood circulation and improve heat dispersion throughout the body. A psychological feeling of warmth and comfort can also be produced by just holding a warm mug or cup. In addition, some hot drinks, such as herbal teas, may be relaxing, which helps to relax blood vessels and heighten the sensation of general warmth.


Water is involved in various physiological processes, including sweat production. Even in cold weather, your body may still produce sweat to cool down during physical activity. By staying hydrated, you support your body's ability to sweat and regulate temperature effectively. Also, cold weather and dry environments can lead to dehydration of the skin, causing it to become dry, cracked, and more susceptible to heat loss. Proper hydration helps maintain healthy skin, acting as a protective barrier against the cold and reducing heat loss through the skin.

Carry an umbrella

I know you're probably wondering how this will help but it does! With the rains closing in you do not want to be caught off guard. As opposed to the common belief that being wet makes you sick, being continuously exposed to low temperatures when wet can weaken your immune system and in turn lead to hypothermia.

By employing these cheap tricks, you can easily navigate the cold season. Don't shy away from going out during this season due to the cold, however, be a little careful not to catch any illnesses that might be spread as a result of it.

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