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Should couples schedule intimacy?

 Should couples schedule sex? (Photo: iStock)

Hi Chris,

My new boyfriend only ever seems to be frisky in the mornings. But that messes up my whole morning routine, including my exercise session.

So how can I encourage him to be more intimate in the evening instead?

Not Mornings

Chris says,

Hi, Not Mornings!

Lots of couples love being intimate in the morning for its warmth, relaxation and cosiness. But for others, it feels like too much, too soon, and they can't stop worrying about having to get ready for work.

But making love in the evening isn't universally popular either. For many couples, it's the ideal way to end the day and start off a good night's sleep. But plenty of others feel far too exhausted to do anything so energetic after a long day at work.

Your boyfriend gets frisky in the morning because his testosterone level peaks at dawn, so that's when he's at his most enthusiastic. And everything about lovemaking sets him up for the day ahead.

You'll be more likely to become intimate together in the evenings if you ensure that your boyfriend is completely relaxed. And that's going to be much easier over the weekend when he hasn't been at work all day. So try a new routine for your Saturday evenings, when you also don't have to get up for work the next morning.

Minimise alcohol, turn off your phones, have a small meal by candlelight, and head to the bedroom early. And plan a few fun getaways. Because taking someone out of their normal environment makes them more open to new experiences.

And maybe you could take a different view of your morning routine? Because sex is exercise too! It increases your heart rate, improves circulation, and helps boost your overall cardiovascular fitness.

It also burns calories, although women generally burn fewer than men because they tend to be less physically active. But you can seriously up your calorie burn by opting for positions that make you work harder.

So missionary or the spoons won't do a lot for your muscles, but getting on top can provide you with a strenuous workout. Start thinking 'sexercise' and maybe your boyfriend's morning routine will seem much more appealing.

All the best,


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