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The warm French country feel


Tired of the current look of your home décor? How about going West — France to be specific? French country décor is rustic and provides an old world look. It is inviting and warm, and is ideal for country and elegant, old homes. You can, however, still add it to any home, regardless of its age or location.  This décor style can be incorporated in any room; the kitchen is, however, its favourite.

So what distinguishes this theme?

• It is associated with warm colours that include shades of bright red, yellow, soft gold, and orange. Its cool colours are dark and light green, light and navy blue, and lavender. The neutral colours are black and grey, often used to accent other colours and define particular accessories.

The trend is that one of the warm or cool colours act as the main wall colour. Yellow or dark green are good choices for the kitchen, while the other colours can be used throughout the rest of the décor.

• Another feature of French country décor is light painted plaster walls, dark wood beamed ceilings, and raw wooden furniture with intricate carvings. 

• Other elements include metal furniture with a rusty appearance, a stone fireplace with a stone or ceramic mantel, pottery, iron wall hangings, table lamps, candleholders, baskets and wine rack, as well as stone or brick floors.

• French prints are another feature of this decor.  They consist of a mixture of green, lavender, orange, yellow, and blue. The colours stand out when used in throw pillows, blankets, curtains, wall art, carpets, tablecloths, napkins, and towels. 

• Its typical images include olives, lavender, grapes, sunflowers and farm animals (especially the hen).  These images are best depicted in wall hangings, pottery, figurines, towels, tablecloths, and other unique decorations like napkin rings or holders, placemats, pot holders, salt and pepper shakers and mats.

• Toile, too, is a common element for this décor since it is a traditional design for French fabrics. The fabric is usually white, cream, or yellow, and consists of a large design of one colour.

• This décor style would not be complete without an arrangement of flowers. Any flowers will do although lavender, geraniums, or sunflowers best compliment the theme. The flowers should be placed in a glass vase, copper pot, basket, or an antique pitcher to achieve the desired effect that makes French country décor bright and charming.

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